Monday, November 28, 2016

Ondo election irregularities

Oyedele Olorunsola, Akure

In the Ondo election, it was clear to everybody that a lot of money were spent in exchange of vote in the just concluded Ondo election on 26 November, in Akure South, Akoko, Okitkpupa, Ondo and every other parts of Ondo State. The bidding was so high that Akure could not vote for their own son Eyitayo Jegede(SAN). The highest bidder carried the day.

A great deal of raw cash was rolling around from looters who are already in safe havens. Because of their statues, they were free to carry looted fund around in any volume to lure voters who were already recessed and starving to vote for them. The Hungary voters could not resist the 5000 or 4000 per thumb print because of the hard time they are passing through, they dangerous politician tag it "money for hand, back for ground" which means see and buy. Vote and collect 5000

What a terrible way of winning election in Nigeria.

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