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Joy Odama Murdered By Alhaji In Abuja, Parents Call For Justice (Photos )

My name is Mrs Philomena ODAMA. I am a local of Yala LGA in Cross River State. I am occupant at old Karmo town in Abuja.

Satisfaction Odama is my first girl. She is a 200 level undergrad of Mass Communications at the Cross River State University; who just returned for Christmas occasions and met her inauspicious demise.

On the eighteenth Dec, 2016, one Elizabeth from Ogoja LGA, Cross River State who is my girls companion went by us and advised Joy to go with her to see one Alhaji Usman Adamu who she said was a giver that offers grant to youthful understudies. She said the Alhaji lives in a similar neighborhood, unequivocally at Ibro Quarters, Old Karmo-Abuja.

Knowing Elizabeth as quite a while companion and with no doubt, she guiltlessly took after her to the said Alhaji's home. On arriving, my little girl called me that the Alhaji needs to see me.

I inquired as to why and she said that the Alhaji needs to help her with her training with different young ladies who lives in the area who are there with their folks. I rapidly got to the house and Alhaji Usman ADAMU guaranteed to help in my little girls instruction and similarly guaranteed to land me a position with the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC). We traded numbers, i thoughtfully expressed gratitude toward him and left with my little girl.

After two days on the twentieth December, 2016 at night, Alhaji Usman ADAMU called my little girl and said his home help is truly wiped out and that she ought to please come and care for her while he goes to get a specialist. He likewise said he has called different young ladies (i.e alternate young ladies we found in his home the earlier day). Delight let me know and i enabled her to go. That was the last time i saw my little girl alive.

Before long around the same time, i called Joy and she said she was at the house with alternate young ladies and will soon be returning. Around a hour later, when she was not yet back, i called severally but rather she didn't pick. Just wondering, i called Alhaji Usman ADAMU on his number 08179606208 however he too did not pick. I turned out to be more stressed and went to the house yet couldn't access Alhaji's condo.

The following morning, i called Joy and Alhaji ADAMU a few times without much of any result. In the long run, Alhaji ADAMU picked his call and amazingly, he imagined not to know my identity nor joy's identity. When i squeezed assist he said " did anything happen to Joy" as though she doesn't know where she is. Now i knew all was not well.

In frenzy, i called my significant other (who was not around at the time because of the way of his work), my relatives and neighbors and we as a whole consented to answer to the police. As we were about venturing out to the police headquarters, we saw two policemen in our home who requesting that we tail them to the police headquarters at Karmo.

On arriving, the DPO educated us that every one of the young ladies that went to Alhaji's home are all oblivious; that one is not reacting to treatment while the others are reacting. We asked for to see Joy yet we were turned down and made a request to return the following day. We squeezed encourage yet the DPO demanded we go and returned as coordinated. The following day being 22nd December, 2016 i backpedaled to the police headquarters in organization of relatives and an attorney who is a nearby family companion. To my express stun, i was informed that my little girl was dead and has been taken to the funeral home.

We made a request to know how, why and what prompted Joy's demise and the DPO, CSP NKEM RAPHAEL declined additionally remarks. Our legal advisor inquired as to whether the Alhaji has been captured however CSP NKEM RAPHAEL gruffly disclosed to us that as far he is concerned, Alhaji is not guilty, no wrongdoing has been conferred, that my little girl passed on a characteristic demise and he can't capture Alhaji Usman ADAMU. DPO NKEM advised the attorney to take the matter to his bosses however that he has officially educated them about the matter and to the extent they are concerned, Alhaji ADAMU can't be captured. We asked for to know the whereabout of my little girls body and alternate young ladies reacting to treatment so we can talk with them.

The DPO guided us to Federal Medical Center, Airport Road Abuja and on getting to the funeral home, we found body has as of now been treated. When we inquired as to why my little girls body was preserved without our insight, one of the orderly's trusted in us that Alhaji Usman ADAMU first acquired the dead body the early hours of 21st Dec,2016 guaranteeing to be the father of the young lady. In any case, on observing the body, they speculated injustice and demanded that they won't concede the body until they see a police or specialist's report.

Alhaji Usman ADAMU left and returned with DPO NKEM RAPHAEL of Karmo Divisional Police who requested them to instantly preserve the body.

We additionally found that alternate young ladies the DPO asserted were on confirmation in the healing facility were not there. We backpedaled to the police headquarters to discover why our little girls body would be preserved without our earlier assent. At the police headquarters, i saw Martha, one of the young ladies whom i met at Alhaji Usman ADAMU'S house.

She was by the police trot and i requested that her what happened Joy and she portrayed the accompanying; " on the twentieth of December, 2016 Alhaji Usman ADAMU called her to go to his home, that he has as of now called alternate young ladies to enable him to take care of his home help who was extremely wiped out. In any case, her senior sibling ( Emmanuel, who was additionally in the police headquarters with her) prevented her from setting off to Alhaji's home that day.

Be that as it may, that she sneaked at a young hour in the morning to Alhaji's home the next day and on arriving she was stunned at what she saw. She saw my little girl , Joy ODAMA lying dormant on the floor and alternate young ladies were stooling and spewing. She wound up noticeably anxious and attempted to come up short on the house yet Alhaji Usman ADAMU and some inside the house held her back and conveyed her to the police headquarters. When i was about asking her further inquiries, some police men yelled at her to quit talking and whisked her away.

We backpedaled again to the DPO, CSP NKEM RAPHAEL to inquire as to why my little girl was treated without our insight and that we vigorously speculate injustice and requested for a clarification and further examination. The DPO emphasized his underlying position and gruffly let us know not to seek after this case assist, that he would encourage us to discourse with Alhaji Usman ADAMU for our little girls internment. He demanded he doesn't ha anything more to do with us until we consent to meet with Alhaji Usman ADAMU.

On the inform concerning a family companion, we consented to meet with Alhaji Usman ADAMU to reveal more insight into what really unfolded. On the concurred date of the meeting being 24th Dec., 2016 by 10am, we were at the police headquarters with our legal counselor however on locating the attorney, the DPO lied that the meeting has been put off. At the point when the attorney inquired as to why, he said that the Alhaji was not around and that his number is not interfacing, that he will call the legal advisor and educate her of the following date for the meeting. Promptly the attorney left, the DPO immediately called us inside his office and we were so amazed to see Alhaji Usman ADAMU sitting in that spot. The DPO instructed us to put off our telephones and drop it around his work area , that he doesn't need the meeting to be recorded. In participation was the DPO, CSP NKEM RAPHAEL, DCO, SP MICHAEL OBIORA, the Inspector

Wrongdoing and Alhaji Usman ADAMU. On our side was my significant other, myself, relatives and a family companion.

The DPO was the first to talk. He said in the event that we recognize what is beneficial for us we ought to consent to whatever the Alhaji will offer us and halt from further seeking after this matter. Alhaji Usman ADAMU then offered to settle the matter with Three Hundred Thousand Naira(N300,000) and we ended up noticeably irritated with outrage, left home and educated the legal advisor what happened. The legal counselor demanded that further examination be done. The DPO again required a moment meeting where we met with AIG Umoru Usman Shehu;

AIG Intelligence, Force Headquarters Abuja. AIG Umoru let us know gruffly likewise that examination in this matter is shut and can't be revived. He said Alhaji Usman ADAMU ought to include an extra One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) to his underlying offer. He let us know brutally that that is the much he can do in this make a difference and that is his official conclusion and it is to our greatest advantage to acknowledge the offer. Now, clearly detecting the danger in his tone, a family companion introduce called us aside and exhorted that we gather the cash to give them a false trust that we have consented to their terms while we go home and think about the following line of activity, including having it as a display.

The way things are currently, it is exceptionally noticeable the visually impaired and capable of being heard to the hard of hearing that Alhaji Usman ADAMU has individuals in high places inside the Nigerian Police Force and have plotted with them to deny our poor family equity. In this way, i am energetically arguing and approaching the administration and the overall population to go to my guide so that my little girls grim passing won't be futile. Examinations has uncovered that my little girl,

Happiness Odama is not the principal young lady that Alhaji Usman ADAMU has slaughtered on the affection of helping them.

I am utilizing this medium to speak to all to enable me to look for equity in the excruciating passing of my little girl.

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