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Nokia 3310 2017 Review

The Nokia 3310 went discounted in India on 18 May. The gadget is a solid articulation, exhibiting the abilities and capability of a seventeen year old telephone. HMD Global is sure of its item and market. There is no compelling reason to stretch this gadget as far as possible. The absence of usefulness is an attractive angle. Highlight telephones are not precisely wiped out, but rather are being superseded by "brilliant" gadgets. The 3310 guarantees, and conveys, to be moronic.

The telephone is reminiscent of the 3310 propelled in 2000, and that is the main separating factor. This is a gadget made for Nokia fans.

Highlight telephones additionally observed a development with the plan confinements of value focuses and essential correspondence needs. Nokia kept on offering remarkable administrations and applications on its reasonable gadgets. A fundamental telephone could be utilized to stream music, explore utilizing disconnected turn by turn route, utilize texting applications, for example, WhatsApp, surf the web, and react to messages. The touch-and-sort gadgets, in the Asha lineup were precisely the sort of contraptions required for those proceeding onward from highlight telephones.

Nokia 3310 image 640

The 3310 was one of the amazing level telephones made by Nokia. The telephone has been incorporated into the national emoticon set of Finland (elsewhere in the world, Finland has a national emoticon set). The specific emoticon is known as the "Unbreakable".

The 2017 gadget is made by HMD Global, which gained the rights to utilize the Nokia mark for a long time from Microsoft.

The 2017 variant of the 3310 is the second Nokia highlight telephone by HMD Global, after the less expensive Nokia 150. The 3310 dispatch of the gadget had a lot of buildup encompassing it, and was displayed as "a cutting edge exemplary rethought."


HMD Global is a free Finnish organization, yet Nokia advances is on the governing body, to guarantee that the gadgets meet certain quality prerequisites, and don't unfavorably influence the brand name. Despite the fact that the gadget is a component telephone, it is a gadget made in 2017, and there are at any rate fundamental desires from the telephone, if not grand ones. Give us a chance to discover what the gadget brings to the table.

Assemble and Design: 7/10

When you hold the telephone, you realize that there is something extraordinary about the device, a firmly interesting gadget. The plan sensibilities is 20 years of age and contemporary in the meantime. It is a bit of disrupting, similar to a time machine that halfway works. The telephone is significantly more slender and lighter than the past form. Contrasted with present day touchscreens, it feels nearly appears to be too little. The telephone weighs only 79.6 grams, which is minimal the greater part the heaviness of the 3310 discharged in 2000.


The measurements of the telephone are 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm. While the new form is slimmer than the antecedent, it is both taller and more extensive. The outline of the telephone is reminiscent of the first 3310, however there are extensive changes. The Nokia "Navi" enter in the inside has been supplanted a square capacity key. The square encircling for the capacity key fills in as a course cushion. The first 3310 had an end key on the left and parchment keys to one side. The catches were idiosyncratic and uneven.

Nokia 3310 old versus new

Nokia 3310 old versus new

In the 2017 translation, there are symmetric parchment like keys on the two sides, with independent capacities mapped to the best and base parts of the catches. The call catch is to one side, and the end call or power catch is to one side. The parchment keys on the first could enable you to increment or lessen the volume while in a call, this capacity has now been mapped to the here and there keys on the bearing cushion.


The keys don't require excessively push to press, particularly contrasted with the more seasoned adaptation of the telephone. This is something worth being thankful for decreasing the weight on the fingers over delayed utilize. In the event that legitimacy of the first experience is the thing that you are searching for, at that point you won't get it in the 2017 model. The keys are uniform and oval formed, and never again have the internal confronting pointed corners.

nokia-3310-evacuating spread

The vertical speaker flame broil on the first has been expelled to oblige a bigger screen. The speaker on the new Nokia 3310 is underneath a fairly profound oval pit that is inclined to gather a great deal of tidy, and should be cleaned frequently. The Nokia Logo on the front is on the bended glass covering over the screen, and is emblazoned beneath the camera on the back. There is no sorrow along the back for grasping the telephone. The back cover is removable, however you need to pry it out utilizing your fingernails as opposed to squeezing a catch and sliding out the back cover.


The telephone seems to have a bigger screen than it really does in light of a bended glass packaging over the 2.4 inch screen. The glass is subject to get scratched, especially in the center, so you must be a little watchful when keeping this gadget in pockets. The edges of the gadget likewise can get effortlessly scratched. A delicate cover is prescribed in the event that you need to keep the telephone in a decent condition.


There are two miniaturized scale SIM card openings, and additionally a devoted smaller scale SD space. The smaller scale SD card opening sits flush on the principal SIM card space. There are no catches around the sides of the gadget. The first model had the power catch on the best. The upper right corner of the 2017 3310 has the smaller scale USB 2.0 opening, and the base right has the 3.5 mm jack.

There are two sim card openings, and a committed Micro SD space

There are two sim card openings, and a committed Micro SD space

Generally, the most charming part about the gadget is that it is a refreshed variant of the work of art. In any case, the first was accessible in six hues, though the more up to date one is accessible in just four. The new 3310 is accessible on orange, yellow, dim and blue. Moreover, the first bolstered secondary selling Nokia Xpress-On cases enabling the client to don a wide assortment of shading mixes. These are not accessible for the more current model. Another little however imperative detail is the missing space for a cord link. Tragically, you can't hang this telephone around your neck, or from the back view reflection of a truck.

Works with wired earphones.

Works with antique wired earphones.

Highlights: 3/10

The telephone is an arrangement 30+ telephone from Nokia, and these have utilized the Mediatek MT6250 chipset (as indicated by GetCoolTricks). There is an ARM v5 processor on board, with no GPU. There is 16 MB of on board stockpiling, which isn't sufficient to extremely even do fundamental undertakings, for example, introduce an application or record a video. It is significant to utilize Micro SD card to utilize the telephone, and the telephone underpins a most extreme of 32 GB.



The main availability alternatives accessible are Bluetooth 3.0 and web more than 2G. The telephone does not bolster 4G. There is no Wi-Fi ability to surf the web or set up a hotspot. The Nokia Slam include enables you to interface with other Nokia telephones and Android telephones in a jiffy. You can set a five digit keyguard code and set a term after which the console ought to be bolted out.

The USB 2.0 space is at the highest point of the telephone.

The USB 2.0 space is at the highest point of the telephone.

There are no GPS capacities on the telephone, so it isn't conceivable to introduce a mapping application. There is a radio however. The greatest component missing is that the telephone utilizes mp3 ringtones, and there is no Nokia author, so you can't content your own particular ringtones.

Show: 5/10

The show is a 4.2 inch QVGA screen that sits underneath a bended glass packaging that influences the show to show up misleadingly expansive. The show has a pixel thickness of 167 ppi, with a screen to body proportion of 30 percent. The screen of the show is made out of TFT.


The show looks shoddy

The screen isn't particularly splendid, and the hues don't generally fly out. You can for all intents and purposes observe the individual pixels, which is... more sentimentality I presume? The telephone sells out its efficiency and the value point on account of the show. There is an alternative to upgrade the hues, however flipping the settings does not appear to make a big deal about a distinction.

The backdrop illumination of the show can be balanced, and there are four levels of shine accessible. There is a timeout setting for the backdrop illumination, which is set by 10 seconds at default. This setting can't be changed. The telephone shockingly has a look screen that shows the time. Keeping the look screen on takes up a lot of battery, and it is smarter to kill this component. The look screen is set to a default time of 60 minutes, and even this setting can't be changed.

nokia-3310-backdrop illumination

Notices and cell data can be turned on and off. There are two text dimension alternatives accessible, the general one and an expansive one. There are just three backdrops included of course, and it is a difficult procedure to include more. The photographs caught on the gadget seem repulsive on the show, yet look much better when seen on another gadget or a PC.

OS and Software: 4/10

This is one of the baffling parts of the telephone. The more seasoned telephone was highlight rich, however the interface was sufficiently basic to be usable visually impaired collapsed. The more up to date elucidation has shoutouts to the more seasoned user interface, yet tries to run a cutting edge application construct interface in light of a telephone that does not have a touchscreen. The user interface could have been more appropriate to the key based information system.

The telephone has the Nokia arrangement 30+ working framework, which is made by Mediatek. The telephone does not have the capacity to run the Java applications. The telephone just runs MAUI Run-time Environment (MRE) applications, which have a .vxp expansion. You need to chase through dodgy destinations on the web to download applications, more often than not transferred by clients to record facilitating administration.


The greatest weakness with the choice to run with MAUI is that the Java applications don't work with this telephone. 

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