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2018 Bicycle Frame and Mini Pump Review

Winding up sidelined with a punctured tire 10 miles into your most loved ride is a general bummer. Having the correct casing or smaller than expected pump available can make the recuperation forms considerably less agonizing. To enable you to make sense of which of the many, numerous versatile pumps available is ideal for you, we examined our brains out, perusing up on many best choices. We purchased 14 of the specific best to duke it out in a no holds barred rivalry. From changing pads in the field to carefully tallying out what number of strokes it takes each pump to achieve set weights on street and trail blazing bicycle tires, our tests are fastidious. We evaluated these ride-savers on their pumping power, how lovely and clear they are to utilize, and that they are so natural to truck around. Continue perusing for every one of the points of interest.
When you flat out on the trail  having a good mini pump can prevent a long walk back to the car.

We just included three energizing items, all of which earned a Top Pick grant for inventive highlights. The Lezyne Digital Micro Floor Drive offers crazy pumping effectiveness, the Blackburn Mammoth CO2'fer is a smaller than expected pump that additionally works with CO2 cartridges, and the Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB can serve as a stun pump for your fork. We tried more draw alternatives than any other time in recent memory. Read on to locate the one for you.

Best Overall Road Bike Mini Pump

Lezyne Road Drive

Editors' Choice Award


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Weight: 97g | Purpose: Road Bike

Incredible at high-weight pumping


Simple to utilize

Not the best for higher volume tires

We grant the Lezyne Road Drive our Editors' Choice Award for Best Road Bike Mini Pump for its uncommon high-weight execution. The Road Drive can rapidly take a tire to 90 psi and achieved the most astounding weights we accomplished in our 200 pump test. The Speed Flex ABS hose gives a protected release free association and best in class ergonomics while pumping.

Different items give more volume per stroke, however none are as simple to use at high weight. The Road Drive is such a strong entertainer in high-weight applications that it has turned into our go-to when we stuff our pockets for a lengthy, difficult experience ride.

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Best Overall Mountain Bike Mini Pump

Lezyne Gauge Drive HV

Lezyne Gauge Drive HV Editors' Choice Award


at Competitive Cyclist

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Weight: 141g | Purpose: Mountain Bike

Incredible pumping execution

Marvelous outline and solidness

On the bigger side

With regards to high volume blowing up productivity, the Lezyne Gauge Drive HV emerges. This choice has the best drawing execution of any scaled down we have tried. Joined with the way that the Pen Gauge ABS Flex Hose gives you a chance to see your ongoing weight, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why the Gauge Drive is the runaway victor of our Editors' Choice Award for Mountain Bike Mini Pumps.

Among the biggest smaller than expected pumps we've tried, this isn't the best alternative to mount to your container confine jolts or push in a pullover stash. On the off chance that you like riding with a full hydration pack however, this is an extraordinary pump to hurl in it.

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Best Buy Award Winner

Master Bike Tool High Pressure Pump with Gauge

Best Buy Award


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Weight: 129g | Purpose: Road or Mountain Bike


Extraordinary pumping execution

Simple to utilize

Needs hose air drain

This model demonstrates that you needn't bother with a second home loan to bear the cost of a practical smaller than expected pump. The Pro Bike Tool High Pressure Pump is a reasonable choice with the capacity to serve twofold obligation for both mountain and street applications.

A few pumps perform better at high weights. Others exceed expectations at volume applications. This one can do either after all other options have been exhausted. Top notch development and usefulness with a value that is difficult to beat make the Pro Bike Tool a meriting victor of our Best Buy Award.

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Top Pick Frame Mount Pump

Silca Impero Ultimate

Silca Impero Ultimate Top Pick Award


at Competitive Cyclist

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Weight: 289g | Purpose: Road Bike


Great pumping execution

Overwhelming and vast

High cost

Casing pumps are not as basic as they were 20 years back. The coming of productive minis that can fit in a shirt pocket and carbon outlines with one of a kind tubing shapes have diminished edge pump prominence. The Silca Impero Ultimate might be only the pump to inverts that pattern. Notwithstanding its shocking great looks and plan, it is inconceivably proficient. This pump will have you back out and about before your pal hits 20psi with even the best smaller than usual.

It is costly, and resists the light and smaller pattern. On the off chance that you lean toward well-made legacy items and wouldn't fret some additional weight, at that point it won't be quite a bit of an issue. With regards to outline particular items, this one is a distinct advantage and is the reasonable champ of our Top Pick Award for Best Frame Pump.

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Top Pick for Backpacks

Lezyne Micro Floor Digital Drive HVG

Top Pick Award


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Weight: 242g | Purpose: Mountain Bike

Unrivaled pumping volume


Air drain hose

Too huge for a hip pack or edge mount

The Lezyne Digital Micro Floor Drive is a smaller than expected variant of a full-measure floor pump, conveying the drawing volume of a story pump with the conveyability of a scaled down pump. It can without much of a stretch fit into a hydration pack, includes a precise computerized weight measure, an air drain valve and can bring a 27.5" x 2.2" trail blazing bicycle tire up to 24 psi in just 100 pumps.

Albeit minimized for a story pump, the Micro Floor Drive is still too huge to fit in a shirt take, hip pack or mount on the bicycle outline. Be that as it may, for the individuals who convey hydration packs and have additional space, the Micro Floor Drive is our best decision.

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Top Pick for CO2 Users

Blackburn Mammoth CO2'Fer Mini

Top Pick Award


at Backcountry

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Weight: 214g, 272g w/CO2 | Purpose: Mountain Bike

Coordinated CO2 for moment expansion

Conservative and sturdy development

Pumping power is so-so

Needs expansion hose

The Blackburn Mammoth CO2'fer consolidates a CO2 inflator and smaller than expected draw into one low profile bundle, giving moment CO2 swelling ability. When utilizing the CO2 include, the Mammoth CO2'fer can convey a tire up to weight quicker than any hand pump. It is lightweight, minimized and includes sturdy development.

Without CO2, the Blackburn offers just so-so drawing execution because of a short stroke length. It likewise comes up short on a swelling hose, requiring the client to fit the pump head specifically onto the valve, expanding the odds of a bowed valve stem head in the event that you hold the pump at a wrong edge. For the individuals who like utilizing CO2, the Mammoth CO2'fer is our best decision because of its quality development and minimized size.

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Top Pick for Doubling as Shock Pump

Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB

Top Pick Award


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Weight: 136g | Purpose: Mountain Bike

Can blow up suspension forks

Threadless valve head with retractable hose

Exceptionally reduced and lightweight

The hose could be longer

For the individuals who need the flexibility of a smaller than normal pump and stun direct in one lightweight, low profile and completed bundle, the Birzman Velocity Apogee MTB is our best pick. The Velocity Apogee MTB conveys drop pumping execution thinking about its little size. It can likewise swell a suspension fork, a one of a kind component in the small scale pump section. It additionally has a helpful retractable hose and a threadless valve head, making it one of the most straightforward pumps to utilize that we tried.

The Velocity Apogee MTB could have a more drawn out hose for less ungainly pumping, and in spite of the fact that it can expand a suspension fork, it isn't great enough to blow up a back stun. It doesn't have a weight measure, so suspension weight must be set dependent on list. By and large, the stun directing capacity of the Velocity Apogee MTB makes it an extraordinary offering and our best decision for double reason expansion.
Investigation and Test Results

Casing pumps and scaled down pumps are your closest companion when you have to blow up a tire while out on a ride. Casing particular items are appropriate for street and cyclocross bicycles and give snappy proficient swelling because of their bigger size.

There are a wide assortment of minis. Some are intended to function admirably on high-weight street tires. Others are planned particularly for trail blazing bicycle tires, which have higher volumes and need bring down weights. We separate the distinctive alternatives accessible underneath. Additionally look at our Buying Advice Article for more help.

The Silica Impero mounted under the best tube on a Trek Emonda.

The Silica Impero mounted under the best tube on a Trek Emonda.


We realize that purchasing a quality item at an awesome esteem is dependably the objective. That is the reason we plot the items' execution scores against their sticker cost, as should be obvious in the infographic beneath. To utilize the graph, float your mouse over the spots to discover which item it speaks to. Greater, blue spots are grant champs. The lower lefthand corner is the place the most astounding scoring, least cost item assemble. Notice that the Pro Bike Tool is the most reduced cost grant champ. That is the reason we consider it the Best Buy.

Pumping Performance

This is where things become real. Placing air in the tire in an effective way is basic. When all is said in done, items intended for trail blazing bicycles don't work everything that well for street bicycles, since they are frequently unfit to hit the objective weight. Street pumps will get a mountain tire up to weight, however frequently require such huge numbers of strokes that you may choose to walk home. The best pumps enable you to hit your objective weight rapidly, with a negligible measure of strokes. Additionally, the exertion required to accomplish that weight must be reasonable.

Pump makers regularly give max weight appraisals to their pumps. We found that most pumps are unequipped for achieving those cases since it gets too difficult to pack them under high weight. What's more, when a draw spins through a few hundred pressure cycles in quick progression, warm develops. As the chamber warms, the metal grows, diminishing the cylinder seal's viability. This enables air to escape and diminishes the volume of air per stroke. So the quicker you pump, the more wasteful your pump will move toward becoming. How well a plan deals with these components decides how well it will perform for its proposed reason.

The most astounding scoring scaled down pump for street applications is the Lezyne Road Drive. The Road Drive reliably accomplished a weight of 69psi out of a 25c street tire at 200 pumps, and can accomplish 100psi with negligible increment in exertion at around 300 pumps. Different items we tried could accomplish a higher weight at 200 strokes, however the push to pack those pumps was significantly more noteworthy.

The Lezyne Road Drive just takes a shot at Presta valves. It has a string on throw toward one side of the hose and a slip-on toss at the opposite end.

The Lezyne Road Drive just chips away at Presta valves. It has a string on throw toward one side of the hose and a slip-on toss at the opposite end.

Our best scoring smaller than expected pumps for off-road bicycle tires are the Lezyne Micro Floor Digital Drive and the Gauge Drive HV. The two pumps are genuinely substantial, however they can move some air, especially the Floor Digital Drive. It hit 40 psi on a 27.5" x 2.3" trail blazing bicycle tire at only 200 strokes. For examination, the Lezyne Gauge Drive was just at 37 psi after 300 strokes. Pumping exertion per stroke remained generally simple for both. (You should convey a hydration pack to haul the Micro Floor pump around.)

The Impero is a fantastically effective edge pump achieving 103psi in just 112 pump strokes.

The Impero is an unbelievably proficient casing pump, achieving 103psi in just 112 pump strokes.

The Silca Impero is our best scoring edge pump, hitting a great 103 psi at just 112 strokes in a 25cc street tire. Silica utilizes a cowhide cylinder that can all the more likely adjust to the miniaturized scale changes in chamber distance across that happen with warmth development. Because of this outline, loss of proficiency amid pumping is insignificant.

The Pro Bike Tool additionally scored well, with magnificent all-around pumping execution. It hit 74 psi at 200 strokes on a street tire and 22 psi in a mountain tire at 300 strokes. We were inspired with its adaptability. Be that as it may, it attempted to hit 90 psi in a street tire because of the expanded drawing obstruction at high weight. It is difficult to outline an item that does everything admirably, except the Vibrelli Mini gets really close.

Smaller than usual pumps with hoses help make pumping less unbalanced while guaranteeing a protected fit to the valve head limiting pneumatic force misfortune and a possibly twisted valve stem.

Smaller than normal pumps with hoses help make pumping less ungainly while guaranteeing a safe fit to the valve head, limiting pneumatic force misfortune and a conceivably bowed valve stem.


Punctured tires dependably appear to occur at the most inconvenient occasions. We as a whole have occupied lives, and the majority of us attempt to benefit as much as possible from our opportunity by arranging a ride that utilizations up about each moment of the accessible window. So when a level happens, we need gear that is dependable and idiot proof. A few items are less demanding to use than others.

We've discovered that pumps utilizing an adaptable hose and a string on valve connection are the simplest to utilize. It takes a couple of additional seconds to convey the adaptable hose from the pump and string the fitting onto the valve, yet the interface gives a reliable release free association while you pump.

As should be obvious in the diagram above, Lezyne Road Drive is the most effortless to utilize smaller than expected pump that we tried. Its Presta-just hose has a string on toss toward one side and a slip throw at the other. The slip toss is quick and offers a decent seal in low-weight applications. The Road Drive additionally has an ABS valve on the hose that enables you to drain the weight from the hose and discharge the Presta valve back to the shut position. This counteracts air misfortune while unthreading the hose from the valve.

The Lezyne Road Drive is exceedingly effective at filling street tires and the adaptable fill hose enables the pump to be held in an agreeable and ergonomic position amid swelling.

The Lezyne Road Drive is exceedingly effective at filling street tires, and the adaptable fill hose enables the pump to be held in an agreeable and ergonomic position amid swelling.

Another most loved is the Lezyne Micro Floor Digital Drive HVG. This scaled down floor pump is somewhat more to convey, however it offers more open to pumping and more power than some other choice tried.

The Silca Impero is the most clear edge pump to utilize. With its adaptable silicone guards, it is by a wide margin the least demanding to append safely to a casing. The head is likewise simple to associate. It pushes on and does not depend on a lever to bolt. Pumping is likewise simple with a smooth, reliable movement with an insignificant increment in trouble as weight increments.

The Topeak Race Rocket HP is additionally a champion, with an adaptable hose and air throw framework that enables the client to fill both Presta and Schrader valves with a similar head. The Lezyne Race Rocket does not have an air drain valve, so expelling the pump from the tire valve is more troublesome than utilizing the Road Drive from Lezyne. The Lezyne Gauge Drive is additionally a best scoring item with pump associations that are like the previously mentioned Road Drive. The Lezyne Gauge Drive emerges with an inline ABS pen check that enables the client to see tire weight while pumping.

This smaller than usual floor pump moves volume than some other scaled down pumps we tried.

This small scale floor pump moves volume than some other smaller than expected pumps we tried.

Looks and Design

We positioned the majority of the pumps in our audit on looks and outline. This is genuinely emotional. On the off chance that you will mount a casing pump on a top of the line street bicycle, you would likely lean toward one that does not cheapen the excellence of your bicycle. Past that, except if you plan to mount a smaller than normal to your jug confine jolts, the pump will be stowed in a pullover pocket or hydration pack.

Outline of the pump is a major ordeal however, and to rate it we take a gander at things, for example, the material utilized for its body and handle. Metal should as much as possible. Casing and smaller than normal pumps see a great deal of maltreatment as they are regularly presented to the components for broadened timeframes and just observe activity at times. We likewise favor the adaptable hose valve associations over a settled air throw at the leader of the pump body. The adaptable hose makes the pumping procedure more reasonable on the grounds that the client does not need to stress over putting influence on the valve stem amid expansion. Most hoses make the valve association through a strung toss — this outline include gives the most secure airtight valve association.

Our most noteworthy scoring item is the Lezyne Road Drive. Configuration features incorporate an aluminum body and the ABS Speed Flex hose for solid valve interface. The Lezyne Micro Floor Drive, Birzman Velocity Apogee, and Blackburn CO2'Fer Mini likewise score well for their execution and creative highlights. The Floor Drive fills in as a smaller than expected floor pump, the Birzman serves as a front suspension pump and the Blackburn offers discretionary CO2 canister similarity.

A nearby runnerup is our Top Pick Award champ for Frame Pumps, the Silca Impero. The Impero includes all-metal development with silicone guards on the two closures that make a safe interface with the bicycle outline and furthermore secure the paint. The double seal push on the head furnishes a strong release free interface with the valve. Furthermore, Silica utilizes a cowhide gasket to enhance swelling execution and oblige for warmth development.

The Pro Bike Tool includes a plan like the Lezyne Road Drive; we rank it bring down because of its absence of a locking component for the handle. Amid testing, the handle would regularly reach out on uneven streets — not the apocalypse, but rather irritating. The Lezyne Gauge Drive HV had a comparative issue, yet being a trail blazing bicycle particular pump we generally conveyed it in a hydration pack which would keep it from expanding.

The Silica Pocket Impero fits pleasantly in a hydration pack.

The Silica Pocket Impero fits pleasantly in a hydration pack.


With regards to compact pumps, size and weight matter. The smaller than expected is a required bit of gear you will convey everything the time, either in pullover or hydration pack. Focusing on the weight and size when you buy will pay profits over the long haul. Pump length is additionally a thought. When all is said in done, we advocate acquiring the longest one that you can fit in your hydration pack or serenely convey in a shirt take. The additional length makes the pump marginally less compact, however it pays profits in productivity.

All things considered, the most noteworthy scoring scaled down we tried is the Topeak Race Rocket HP. It is the most limited item we tried at 18.5cm, and furthermore the lightest at 87g. The Race Rocket just vanishes in a pullover take. The Lezyne Road Drive, victor of our Editors' Choice Award, scores bring down because of its expanded length at 23.5cm. Regardless we think that its simple to convey in a shirt stash, however it won't fit on a level plane like the Race Rocket, so it will stand out the highest point of most pullover pockets. Striking a harmony among versatility and capacity, the Velocity Apogee MTB is just 17.75 cm and weighs 136 grams, however can expand the two tires and suspension forks, an exceptionally helpful component.

The Road Drive fits well in a pullover stash.

The Road Drive fits well in a pullover take.

Our most elevated scoring outline pump is the Silca Impero. While it is heavier than the other edge pumps we tried, it has by a long shot the most secure fit on a wide assortment of casings. The silicone end guards are extremely moldable and flex to suit a wide assortment of tubing shapes. Indeed, even on the roughest streets we never had an issue with dislodging the Impero. We recognize that weight is imperative, yet feel the ideal security given by the Impero exceeds the expanded weight.


As a rule, scaled down pumps and casing pumps are a sometimes utilized thing, yet when you require them there ought to be no doubt of usefulness. Any device with moving parts is liable to wear after some time, and we surely made each endeavor amid testing to put the items through significantly more utilize cycles than the normal cyclist will find in a period of riding. Most small pumps and edge pumps break down more from presentation to the components than genuine utilize.

The majority of the items we tried help up well over our half year trial, however we saw some air hurl debasement. This is because of the fragile idea of elastic seals that are vulnerable to drying out and breaking with both utilize and presentation to the components. Therefore, our most elevated scoring items are the Lezyne and Topeak pumps. Their adaptable, stowable hoses put less immediate weight reporting in real time throws.

The Pro Bike Tool is additionally a decent decision. It utilizes the equivalent stowable hose outline as the Lezyne Road Drive with the expansion of an inline pen measure. Scoring marginally bring down is the Lezyne Gauge Drive HV, as the hose connection strings on the pump body are plastic. The other Lezyne items we tried utilize metal. The pump can get sufficiently hot now and again to harm the warmed plastic strings while evacuating the hose. By and large, however, having the hose stowed inside the pump shields the valve from the components and prompts longer life.

Elastic tops on the Lezyne Gauge Drive HV forestall defilement of the adaptable hose and pump release.

Elastic tops on the Lezyne Gauge Drive HV counteract tainting of the adaptable hose and pump release.

Other high scoring items incorporate the Silca Impero and Silca Pocket Impero. Silica pumps highlight a calfskin cylinder that is known to be one of the longest enduring, most solid plans accessible. A considerable lot of our analyzers have 20-year-old Pista floor pumps that are still in working request with a similar cowhide cylinder outline. Also, Silica utilizes a metal check valve in the head that is generally viewed as a standout amongst the most solid plans accessible. What we don't care for with respect to the Silica pump is the uncovered idea of the head seals that are not shielded from the components when stowed on a bicycle.


Smaller than expected pumps and edge pumps are a basic bit of gear for cyclists everything being equal and experience levels. We trust you found our survey accommodating to your scaled down or outline pump buying choice. For more help see our Buying Advice Article. For more data on our testing procedure, perceive How We Tested.

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