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Checkout Haul Bags for Big Wall Climbing

What is the best pull sack for enormous divider climbing? While it is difficult to move with each of the eight of these packs straight on, I used them all more than 110 or more huge divider risings from Yosemite to Norway. Each sack was assessed on five factors: toughness, limit, waterproof-ness, simple entry, and suspension.
Chris McNamara on space hauling on Tangerine Trip  El Capitan.


Best Overall

Metolius Half Dome Haul Bag

Metolius Half Dome Editors' Choice Award


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Volume: 7600 cu in | Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz

Extraordinary size and solid

Moderately water confirmation

Conclusion frameworks is somewhat moderate

Wish it was somewhat more extensive

The Editors' Choice goes to the Metolius Half Dome. It is an awesome size, super brawny, and has an incredible conclusion framework. The best way to enhance it is make it somewhat more short and wide. In any case, else, it is darn close great. We very much want this size to the El Capitan, which we believe is too huge. On the off chance that you believe you require a greater sack, either pack lighter or attempt and utilize another little sack cut underneath or to the side.

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Best For 1 Night Walls

Metolius Quarter Dome Haul Bag

Metolius Quarter Dome Top Pick Award


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Volume: 4200 cu in | Weight: 5 lbs 1 oz

Flexible size for cragging

Duplicates as movement pack or gear


Somewhat little for generally dividers

This isn't just a single of our most loved pull packs; it's one of our most loved sacks, period. It serves as a major precipice gather or a bag. It resembles a North Face Base Camp Duffel that is harder to get to yet substantially more agreeable to convey. We have been utilizing one for over 10 years and there is no indication of wear. It's about as aircraft as a sack gets. It's still little for most dividers except if you are going for only a night and pack light. For an overhanging course. We would much preferably bring two of these than one major sack. Two sacks makes it substantially simpler to get to stuff and more agreeable in transit down.

Three situations where this pack exceeds expectations:

1) Pair with the Half Dome on most 3+ night dividers.

2) On 1 or 2 night soak dividers, or if voyaging super light, we would suggest each accomplice bring one of these. Every individual gets their sack and it's anything but difficult to get to everything contrasted with utilizing one of these and a Half Dome.

3) Travel SUPER light and take only one of these and have the second container with a little pack brimming with the light n' cushioned stuff like dozing sacks. This is kinda irritating for the supporter yet is perfect for low point courses like Half Dome where you need as couple of things to get hung up as could be expected under the circumstances.

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Best Mega Large Option

Metolius El Cap Haul Bag

Metolius El Capitan Top Pick Award


at Amazon

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Volume: 9600 cu in | Weight: 8 lbs

Substantial limit

Moderately agreeable to convey

Hard to get to things in base half

A little on the tight side

In the event that you need to get all your stuff is one major pack, this is the one to get. We incline toward utilizing the Half Dome or the Half Dome in addition to a Quarter Dome. In any case, for a few applications, such as pulling a considerable measure on low edge territory, it very well may be invaluable to get everything in one sack. In those circumstances, the El Cap exceeds expectations.

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Ridge Pack or SideCar

Metolius Sentinel

Metolius Sentinel


(4% off)

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Volume: 2800 cu in | Weight: 4 lbs 11 oz

Adaptable: duplicates as movement duffel or precipice pack

Tough: may live longer than you

The vast majority better served by greater pull sack or daypack

Costly since a full-sized nidek is just $50 more

The Sentinel can be your closest companion or be a touch of an unbalanced size. For most applications, we would very much want the greater Quarter Dome or Half Dome. They are not unreasonably significantly more costly but rather considerably more valuable sizes. All things considered, numerous individuals love the Sentinel as their UberBomber sidekick. It's a covering plated knapsack that can take about any maltreatment. All things considered, it's not so agreeable as a daypack and has poor breathability (expect a splashed back).

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An OK Bag, But Not Our Favorite

Dark Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag

Dark Diamond Touchstone Haul Bag


(5% off)

at Amazon

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Volume: 4272 cu in | Weight: 5 lbs 4 oz

Basic conclusion framework

Moderately agreeable convey framework

Not as plane material as Metolius

Not our most loved conclusion framework

While this is a decent esteem, it didn't procure our best purchase grant. We would very much want the also estimated Metolius Quarter Dome or spend another $40 for the Half Dome. The conveying framework is possibly somewhat comfier than the Metolius framework. Possibly. We incline toward pretty much everything else on the Metolius, particularly the conclusion. BD utilizes the old school secure framework that is quick in the event that you just utilize the drawstring. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to utilize the "external secure webbing" which you should, at that point you have weave webbing forward and backward and attempt to get the sides to pull in symmetrically. It's less helpful and less climate safe than the Metolius framework. Also, the Metolius materials are more plane.

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Expansive Capacity

Dark Diamond Zion Haul Bag

Dark Diamond Zion


(8% off)

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Volume: 8848 cu in | Weight: 9 lbs 8 oz

Monster limit

Moderately agreeable to convey

Difficult to achieve things in base

Not our most loved conclusion framework

Dark Diamond doesn't make a pack comparative in size to the Half Dome (7600 cu in). They have the Touchstone (4272) and after that bounce the distance to the Zion (8500 cu in). This is disastrous as that center Half Dome estimate is our top pick. The Zion is a decent size for long dividers or where you have to pull on low edge landscape and simply need one pack. Be that as it may, similar to the likewise estimated Half Dome, it's hard to get to the things at the base. You either need to take everything out and cut it safely to a daisy or flip topsy turvy and jump into the base. A few people believe it's more agreeable to convey than the Half Dome, yet we consider it to be a draw. The conclusion framework isn't our most loved as the external webbing conclusion takes some experimentation to motivate things to secure symmetrically.

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Light n' Little Guy

Dark Diamond Stubby

Dark Diamond Stubby


at REI

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Volume: 2136 cu in | Weight: 3 lbs 15 oz

Remains upright as a ridge pack

Slightest costly pack in our audit

A touch of a cumbersome size

Not our most loved conclusion

Like the Sentinel, the Stubby is either a super tough bluff pack and huge divider sidecar or a sack that is better supplanted by a daypack. Daypacks are significantly more agreeable, breathable, and more affordable. The Stubby is solid and perfect for setting up first climbs and where you a sack that drills and devices won't jab openings in. It's additionally pleasant as a bank pack since it stands upright and gives you simple access. Nonetheless, other ridge packs do this better.

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Quick n' Easy Waste Manager

Metolius Waste Case

Metolius Waste Case Top Pick Award

$60 List

Rundown Price

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Volume: 500 cu in | Weight: 11 oz

A waste arrangement that doesn't require producing

Accompanies everything included

Costly contrasted with DIY arrangements

Constrained size

The Waste Case is one of only a handful few off-the-rack enormous divider squander arrangements. It accompanies all that you need and spares you from a DIY venture that can hours to purchase all the correct materials. It's likewise plane where a DIY crap tube can be super aircraft, or break separated, contingent upon development. Most DIY arrangements additionally have a top that can be effectively dropped or require making a guardian sling to the cover that generally is just sorta secure or water/air proof. Look down this Big Wall Bivy, Food and Water article for guidelines on building your very own or simply watch this How to Make a Poop Tube Video.

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What's up with the Metolius LoveFest?

It might appear to be suspicious to rate Metolius higher than Black Diamond no matter how you look at it. While we LOVE numerous BD items, pull packs are only a classification where Metolius improves the situation. Metolius utilizes a more strong material and utilizations a conclusion framework that is more weatherproof and simple to get to. Also, the Metolius sacks are evaluated about the equivalent. We like and have utilized the BD packs, we simply like the Metolius ones better.

Purchasing Advice

Here is the thing that to consider when purchasing a pull sack or pull pack for help climbing, enormous divider climbing or simply cragging.


There is no best size for each application — nobody estimate fits all. So before you purchase a pack ponder how regularly you are REALLY going to utilize it and for what. Simply going to do a divider or two? Mostly into quick and light risings? Need a sack that likewise serves as a bank pack? When you know precisely what you are utilizing your sack for it is all the more clear what to purchase.

There are around four sizes:

Pull packs: 1,500-3,000 cu inches

Little pull sacks/pull packs: 3,000-5000 cu inches

Medium: 5,000-8,000 cu inches

Expansive: 8,000-10,000 cu inches

The span of the sack you need relies upon both the sort of course and to what extent you will be up there.

For The Nose I get a kick out of the chance to have one huge choice (8000 cu in + like the El Cap) so everything fits in. On The Nose, where there are a great deal of low edge pitches and lower-outs, you don't need various packs or a considerable measure of stuff dangling from the base of the sacks. The more stuff that dangles the more probable you will catch rooftops, corners, or the pull line itself. Remember there is a critical drawback to huge sacks: taller that 32 inches and you need to plunge to get stuff in the base. It turns out to be hard, particularly at the highest point of the course, to locate that last jug of water. Likewise, pay special mind to any sack that feels excessively restricted. In general,manufacturers make the sacks too long and limited, which makes it difficult to get to the base, particularly at a hanging belay. Search for sacks that vibe wide with respect to their tallness.

Interestingly, on a course like Zodiac where a large number of the belays are hanging, it is decent to have two medium-sized packs (4000-5000 cu in) in light of the fact that it is less demanding to get to what you require. You don't have to stress over the sacks getting hung up on the grounds that the divider is so overhanging.

Little pull sacks (under 4500 cu in like the Quarter Dome) are now and again the most adaptable size and some of the time pointless. They are amazing for overhanging courses in the event that you can fit everything into one of these and one medium sack. They exceed expectations at quick and light dividers like the Regular Route of Half Dome (that is whether you can get everything to fit inside). I utilized a little sack on a one-night rising of the Salathé Wall on El Capitan yet I stuffed extraordinarily light, brought modest resting packs, and climbed it in August. A little pull sack is the slightest basic pack for huge dividers yet it is the most valuable for non-enormous divider exercises. They have incredible bluff packs since they fit in a huge amount of stuff and are unsupported. We utilize the Quarter DOme to convey all SuperTopo books to the mail station.


There are two fundamental kinds of material: vinyl covered nylon and urethane (Metolius calls their urethane Durethane). As a rule, we incline toward urethane/Durethane. It's the stuff waterway pontoons are made of and is the burliest. Truly, you can place gaps in it on the off chance that you don't gather your sack right and pull low-point chunks… however you need to work at it. Urethane likewise doesn't appear to separate as substantially after some time while vinyl appears to get all the more crackly and defenseless to wear. Vinyl is more affordable and furthermore lighter. On the off chance that you are completing an exceptionally soak course, vinyl is no major ordeal. On the off chance that you are completing a low point course, you have to take more mind to cushion within your sack with a froth resting cushion and ensured there are no sharp questions. We incline toward urethane however have utilized a lot of vinyl sacks and never busted one open mid-divider. On the off chance that you climb under five major dividers, the toughness doesn't become possibly the most important factor.

Conclusion Systems

With regards to conclusion frameworks there is an exchange off: the more watertight the conclusion framework, the more material you need to oversee and in this manner the less helpful it is to get to the sack. The most waterproof seal is a "stream pack" style conclusion, which implies a major skirt you need to roll and unroll each time you need to get to the sack. Since I didn't encounter my first enormous divider storm until the point when huge divider rising number 103, I feel the exchange off between having a not so much waterproof but rather more advantageous opening framework can now and again be justified, despite all the trouble. Additionally, truly no conclusion framework is genuinely waterproof in the event that you are in a genuine wet tempest with overflow. Also, even packs with stream sack terminations should be entirely full and shut perfectly to shield a puddle from shaping. And, after its all said and done, water can at present get past. So in the event that you are not kidding about keeping everything dry, everything requirements to go in a genuine dry sack inside your pull pack. At any rate, you need a waterway pack for your resting sack and manufactured layers.

One pleasant advantage of a conclusion with a major skirt is that it makes an awesome ad libbed bivy pack on the summit. I have most likely burned through 30 evenings on the highest point of El Cap with my legs in a pull pack and each additional inch keeps you that considerably cozier.

Additionally, the conclusion framework is either made if denier nylon or ballistic. Ballistic is the more plane and waterproof.

Creases and stiching

All models have a major crease down the center. There are two different ways to manage this: weld the crease or sew the crease. Welded creases are the most plane. Of all the pull pack disappointments I have had, it was dependably a sew crease that smothered. All things considered, this was regularly after the sack had been up 15 or more dividers and wasn't constantly thought about legitimately.

Conveying/Suspension Systems

Mos suspension frameworks are really comparative and hide when not being used. I have since a long time ago discussed which is the most agreeable, however they're are largely similarly awkward when you have 80 or more pounds on your back.

Inside pockets

Your pack ought to have a liberal inside pocket so you can without much of a stretch access sunscreen, a bite or two, and your headlamp. All packs we've seen have these pockets. Some likewise accompany inward daisy chains. We valued this component, yet it's not required.

Here is an awesome Do it yourself huge divider string and some SuperTopo Forum Pig suggestions

We took six of the best nut apparatuses and tried them at cleaning an assortment of cams and nut composes in all sizes and over an expansive range of shake composes. We looked at their weight, toughness, capacity to clean a nut, capacity to clean a cam, the solace level while beating on the nut apparatus with our hand. We additionally took a gander at how pleasantly they ride on an outfit and each instrument's general esteem. Regardless of whether you are hopping on stone, sandstone or volcanic splits, we have a proposal for you.


Best Overall

Wild Country Pro Key

Wild Country Pro Key Nut tool Editors' Choice Award


at REI

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 104g | Clip-in Biner: Yes

Incredible surface for palm

Just apparatus with guardian


Hard to discover

In addition to the fact that this is one of our top picks, it's extraordinary compared to other arrangements and would have likewise won our Best Buy grant. It has the biggest territory to beat on with your hand. It accompanies a spring rope and keeping that a great many people locate this truly helpful, on the off chance that you discover it dorky it is effortlessly evacuated (remember at the top of the priority list the high weight incorporates the rope). It has a generally low profile head (second just to the Metolius instruments) for liberating smaller scale plugs and it hangs toward the front of the pack for cam expulsion. In the event that you are climbing longer courses, the Wild Country Pro Key is a pleasant decision for its solace in palm beating and its removable spring chain.


Extraordinary Performer with Wrench

Metolius Torque


at REI

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See all costs (3 found)

Weight: 64g | Clip-in Biner: Yes

Awesome at expelling little plugs

Great esteem

Moderately little snare

A little on the substantial side

The Torque replaces the prominent Freenut which is a past honor victor. They made the Torque more affordable and included torque abilities at the expense of a couple of additional grams. We believe it's justified, despite all the trouble as simply fixing a couple of free screw nuts will make you and different climbers upbeat (whoever conveys a sickle torque with them, in any case?). While it's difficult to overtighten nuts with such little use, on the off chance that you are unpracticed with introducing climbing fasteners, it's best to blunder on not fixing excessively. Other than the cool torque, this nut instrument exceeds expectations at cleaning small nuts and plugs.


Great equalization of Performance and Weight

Dark Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool

Dark Diamond Wiregate Nut Tool


(28% off)

at Backcountry

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Weight: 46g | Clip-in Biner: Yes

Bigger snare useful for cam triggers



Snare somewhat wide

BD completes a great job of adjusting weight and solace. This is one of the lighter nut apparatuses yet feels tough and generally agreeable. It's not as great at the small scale nuts as the Torque, however it completes a superior employment with getting cam triggers. It is generally agreeable to pound with your palm yet not exactly as great promotion the Pro Key. In general it's a decent choice in the event that you need to go light yet would prefer not to go very as light as the Feather.


Lightest in Review

Metolius Feather

Metolius Feather Nut Tool


(5% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 21g | Clip-in Biner: Yes

Super light

Great at getting out minor nuts

On the outskirt of being unstable


This is by a long shot the lightest nut apparatus we have utilized - the following lightest is twofold the weight. It's about the heaviness of an extremely light carabiner and you don't see it on your outfit. With the minor size, it's on the outskirt of feeling wobbly and we don't prescribe moaning on it too hard. It is likewise not the most agreeable to pound with your palm. Are the weight investment funds justified, despite all the trouble? For a few, no. However, in the event that you jump at the chance to movement as quick and light as would be prudent, there is no better choice.


Blade Included

Trango Shark

Trango Shark


(25% off)

at Backcountry

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Weight: 79g | Clip-in Biner: No

Worked in blade

Great cleaning capacity

No clasp in biner

Costly and substantial

Trango Shark

When moving in less voyaged territories where you require a blade to supplant webbing and cordage at rap stays, the Trango Shark is an extraordinary choice. It's additionally just extremely cool. It cleans nuts moderately well. The drawbacks: you need to bring an additional biner for it (adding to the weight). To give full assurance from the blade unintentionally opening, you need to leave this biner on when hitting the finish of The Shark with your palm. Regardless of whether you take the biner off, it's as yet not perfect for cleaning stuck plugs.


Slightest Expensive Option

Dark Diamond Nut Tool

Dark Diamond nut apparatus in profile


(9% off)

at Amazon

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Weight: 48g | Clip-in Biner: No


Container opener

No implicit clasp

Disappointing nut cleaning

This is one of the most established models out there and still one of the slightest costly. While it takes care of business and will advantageously open a lager by the day's end, it didn't score that well for nut cleaning. It is likewise not so agreeable to beat on with your palm. While generally light, it doesn't accompany a clasp so you need to factor in that weight too. Moreover, once you include a biner, this will clatter around on your saddle substantially more than choices with inherent clasps.

The most effective method to Choose a Nut Tool

With regards to design for customary courses, climbers frequently simply consider basics, for example, the bits of security that make up their rack, a tackle, and a head protector. A nut instrument is an untimely idea. Be that as it may, actually, on the off chance that you mean to keep your rack unblemished, you have to put resources into the correct instrument.

While there isn't as much contrast in nut instruments as there is in numerous different bits of climbing hardware, there is sufficient variety to possibly make your life less demanding in specific circumstances.

Things to Ask Yourself

- How much would I extremely like to spend?

- How vital is weight?

- How vital is comfort?

- Do I need an inherent rope?

- Am I going to wear gloves more often than not?

- Am I going to beat on this with a divider pound or an ice apparatus?

- Do I move in zones with heaps of littler breaks?

- Do I climb for the most part longer courses?

- Do I ordinarily convey a blade?

- Does my climbing accomplice appear to cover the majority of his pieces?


Clearly the lighter the apparatus, and the less you see it on your outfit, the better. Remember that on the off chance that it doesn't accompany an inherent clasp, you will likewise require a binner that will include another 20-30 grams. Additionally, when you cut a nut apparatus to a biner, it will slump around significantly more on your tackle than an instrument with an inherent clasp.

Capacity to Clean Nuts

These instruments functioned admirably cleaning medium and expansive nuts. The detectable distinction was in littler splits. The two Metolius apparatuses, with their more slender profile heads and marginally shorter snares, could get into a portion of the littlest crevices to test out apparently settled wires. Both the Torquer and the Feather share this littler profile, making them the best at unearthing even the most enduring little plugs. Our sprinter up was the WC Pro Key.

Capacity to Clean Cams

When endeavoring to recover a cam that has strolled in too far to reach with your fingers, contenders with a bigger snare and longer shaft improve the situation. Both the Black Diamond models have bigger snares that are perfect for this.


We quantified how well we could pound our palm without dread of tearing our hand to shreds. Best was the WC Pro Key and the Ushba Titanium. They each had by a wide margin the biggest territory for beating with your hand, which meant the minimum agony. The Metolius Free Nut completed not a long ways behind in third place.

Tangle Factor

Here is the place we quantified how gravely a device gets tangled in all that it gathered. The Metolius models were minimal inconvenience because of being shorter long and additionally having the least profile snare.

Simplicity of Handling

This is conceivably the core of this survey. We tried every one of the apparatuses on how pleasantly they went ahead and off our bridle, how effectively they jabbed out a nut while holding it, not beating the last part with our palm. We gave higher focuses to worked in carabiners and simplicity of cut-out onto outfit circles. The Metolius has a little carabiner that was low profile however it made expulsion from our rigging circles somewhat more troublesome. The Ushba and the Omega went ahead and off our bridles the most pleasant. The Wild Country Pro Key rode along well and had a worked in spring chain. This never appeared to be a trouble and kept us from coincidentally dropping it. The Ushba Titanium has finger opening defenders that shielded our fingers from getting scratched up.

Separating Advice

In the first place, paying little respect to what nut instrument you get, you will undoubtedly free a few nuts at the bluff. Cleaning nuts is a craftsmanship that you will just enhance with time.

Solace can be a major ordeal for people beginning. You will undoubtedly invest more energy whaling ceaselessly, endeavoring to get out those expensive bits of swagged aluminum. In the event that your nut device is truly annoying your hand, have a go at keeping a little shake in your pocket to help pound on unshakable wires.

On the off chance that you are simply beginning, consider whether you will connect the nut device to your bridle. Not stressing over dropping it is a major thing, particularly at first when you are concentrating on such huge numbers of different things. Every one of the models we took a gander at effectively encourage cutting or size hitching a sling to the device and joining the opposite side to your outfit. While this works, the Wild Country Pro Key accompanies an inherent rope that is less cumbersome than most you could make.

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