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Moto X4 review

When Motorola's head cell phone, the Moto X lineup has been ignored for the majority of two years. The Moto X was the principal telephone Motorola created in the wake of being gained by Google, and we gave it a gleaming audit. Be that as it may, under Lenovo's administration, the organization concentrated more on the secluded Moto Z arrangement, and also the Moto E and Moto G spending plan cell phones. Presently, after each one of those high points and low points, the Moto X is at long last back — and it's positively worth a look on the off chance that you would prefer not to spend $600 or more for a cell phone.
Moto X4 Android One review camera bump angle

In our survey, we found the new Moto X4 offers a ton of telephone at a moderate cost. In any case, realize that there are two forms: A Moto X4 Android One on Google's Project Fi remote transporter and the standard Moto X4 sold by Motorola and different retailers. We've currently completely tried the Moto X4 Android One and the authority Motorola show, and there are a couple of contrasts between the two.

All-glass plan, IP68 water-opposition

In the event that you recollect the generally welcomed and prevalent plan of the Moto X (and its 2014 and 2015 successors), you might be somewhat baffled with the new Moto X4. Its metal edge is sandwiched by unique finger impression drawing in glass, and there's a pointlessly huge round knock on the back of the best focus that holds two cameras and the glimmer. A Motorola logo sits in the inside, and an "Android One" name is at the base if that is the model you decide on. The Motorola demonstrate appears to be identical, less the mark.

Moto X4 Android One audit back point close by

Moto X4 Android One audit camera knock point

Moto X4 Android One audit profile

Moto X4 Android One audit camera application

We like the negligible back structure, and light reflecting off the glass makes it resemble the X4 is moving hues. Regardless, you truly do require a small scale fiber material on you consistently to dispose of the fingerprints and keep the telephone looking smooth. We quite often incline toward no camera knocks on telephones, and we were constantly stressed over scratching the camera glass when putting the X4 on a level surface, or even simply sliding it around on a work area. The telephone will shake side-to-side in the event that you push down on one of the edges due to the camera knock, which can be disappointing for those of you who like to utilize telephones level on a work area. To be reasonable, a great case would illuminate both of these issues.

The Moto X4 will endure submerged up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes; that is genuinely amazing at the cost.

Be that as it may, what we miss the most is the first Moto X's ergonomic plan. The 2013 telephone bends to fit the palm easily, and flawlessly. Sadly, that is not the case any longer, regardless of whether the sides of the X4's back somewhat bend into the front. This isn't to imply that the X4 is uneasy to utilize; the 5.2-inch screen is little enough to make the telephone simple to hold, and the majority of its parts are available.

Talking about the LCD screen, you get a 1,920 × 1,080 pixel goals that is sharp and dynamic. It's vivid and not very oversaturated, and it inspires sufficiently brilliant to find with no attempt at being subtle.

The volume catches are on the correct edge, and there's a finished power catch underneath them, making it simple to distinguish without looking. The SIM card plate is at the best with an inserted MicroSD card opening, which means you're not stayed with the included 32GB of inner stockpiling on the off chance that you require more space. It charges by means of the USB Type-C port on the base, and you'll (fortunately) discover an earphone jack alongside it.

The front is to a great extent uninteresting. The Moto X4 doesn't hop on board the "bezel-less" plan we're seeing most different cell phones receive, incorporating Apple with the iPhone X. The edges around the screen are substantial, and it makes the telephone look slightly dated. On the best is the Moto marking, with the selfie camera on the privilege and a blaze on the left.

The unique finger impression sensor is somewhat indented on the base jaw, and we didn't have any issues with it. It perceived our prints and opened the telephone rapidly.


feline s61 goad

Feline S61

alcatel icon 5 goad

Alcatel Idol 5

lenovo moto g5s in addition to

Lenovo Moto G5S Plus

htc u11 life item

HTC U11 Life

sony xperia xz1

Sony Xperia XZ1

lg adventure x press

LG X Venture

moto x4 hands on audit press

Moto X4

alcatel icon 5s push

Alcatel Idol 5S

lenovo moto g5 in addition to motorola item

Lenovo Moto G5 Plus

zte axon 7 small scale item

ZTE Axon 7 small scale

meizu star 6 item

Meizu Pro 6

nextbit robin

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motorola droid turbo squeeze picture

Motorola Droid Turbo

sony xperia z3

Sony Xperia Z3

lg g2 survey squeeze picture


In general, the Moto X4 is upscale and smooth. It feels like a costly telephone in spite of its low cost, generally because of the all-glass structure. We'd love whether this glass filled a need other than making the telephone progressively delicate, for example, bolster for remote charging, however it doesn't.

In any case, there's one a player in the structure that makes up for everything: An IP68 water-safe rating. That is a marginally preferred rating over the iPhone 8 and the Google Pixel 2. That is to say, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, that the Moto X4 will endure submerged up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. That is truly noteworthy at the cost of this telephone, as IP67 and IP68 water-opposition is normally held for costly leader telephones, or obviously tough gadgets. Ideally its incorporation in the Moto X4 implies that we'll see it turning into a standard in increasingly mid-and spending plan run telephones one year from now.

Strong execution

Swiping through the interface was speedy, however applications regularly took a couple of additional seconds to completely stack.

The X4 doesn't have the snazziest plan, which most likely goes to the Essential Phone, nor does it pack an extravagant top of the line processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 forces Motorola's Moto Z2 Force and a few other lead 2017 Android telephones, yet the Moto X4 uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 630 chipset with 3GB of RAM (there's a 4GB RAM variation accessible in other worldwide markets).

We didn't keep running into real issues with execution. Swiping through the interface was snappy, however applications frequently took a couple of additional seconds to completely stack. We noticed some laziness when we were downloading and refreshing a great deal of applications in the meantime, and the periodic stammer wasn't exceptional.

The telephone faltered somewhat more while looking through applications like Twitter or on site pages on Chrome, and some of the time with performing various tasks. There were no glaring issues utilizing part screen mode, however as we referenced before, applications took a few seconds to completely stack up.

Investigate a portion of the Moto X4's benchmark scores:

Antutu: 70,217

3DMark Sling Shot: 840

Geekbench 4 CPU: 867 single-center, 4,127 multi-center

The OnePlus 5 got an AnTuTu score of 181,599, and the Moto G5 Plus scored 63,190. You're not going to see a great hop in execution from the $280 G5 Plus, however you will in the event that you burn through $80 more for the OnePlus 5.

In any case, diversions like Maximum Car and Tiny Archers played easily with no issues, and the Moto X4 additionally dealt with the graphically concentrated Transformers: Forged to Fight well. It wasn't as smooth as we've seen the diversion on Snapdragon 835 gadgets, however it was flawlessly playable.

By and large, the Moto X4 offers strong execution that ought to fulfill a great many people. As overwhelming portable clients, we acceptably got by with the X4, yet enthusiastic versatile gamers might need to take a gander at Snapdragon 835 gadgets.

So what's Android One?

Android One is Google's product stage to bring the unadulterated, stock Android experience to spending telephones. That implies you get stock Android with no "subject" or "skin" from the producer. There's no bloatware — just Google applications are pre-introduced — and you'll get Android and security refreshes when they are discharged, similarly as with the Google Pixel cell phones.

Moto X4 Android One survey full point

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Google has to a great extent pushed Android One telephones globally in creating nations; the Moto X4 is the main Android One cell phone accessible in the U.S. Unfortunately, you can buy this explicit form just from Google's Project Fi, a portable virtual system administrator. Fi utilizes the Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cell systems to give you the best inclusion wherever you are, and it offers a lot of different advantages you can find out about in our Project Fi control.

The Moto X4's product is uncluttered, basic, and a delight to utilize. Swipe up to get to applications and appropriate to discover the Google feed. Just Google applications are ready, and in addition the Project Fi application to deal with your administration. It runs Android 7.1.1, yet Google said a refresh to the later Android 8.0 Oreo will land before the year's end (as of December 20, our audit unit presently can't seem to get the Oreo refresh). Curiously, that refresh will likewise enhance Bluetooth from variant 4.2 to adaptation 5.
There are some little, Motorola-explicit highlights that are really helpful, specifically Moto Actions and Moto Display. Moto Actions presents motions you can make to trigger certain activities, for example, a cleave motion twice to turn on the spotlight; or winding the telephone forward and backward twice to dispatch the camera. Moto Display includes a blue-light channel during the evening so you show signs of improvement night's rest, and notices will blur on and off the screen in backup mode.

We've adored these Moto Actions since they appeared on the first Moto X, and Moto Display keeps on being useful. We're upbeat to see them here pair with stock Android.

Google affirmed to Digital Trends that in the event that you buy the Android One Moto X4 on Project Fi and, drop Fi benefit, the X4 will in any case take a shot at some other major U.S. transporter.

What's distinctive between the Moto X4 Android One and the other Moto X4?

While we for the most part incline toward stock Android to numerous other maker's skins, there are a lot of incredible motivations to pick the customary X4 over the Android One model.

In the first place, you can buy it without a Project Fi membership. The customary Moto X4 will cost a similar sum, and you can get one from Amazon (with a Prime record) for as low as $280 with lockscreen advertisements and offers.

There are a lot of incredible motivations to settle on the standard X4 over the Android One model.

Programming insightful, you get a comparable, close stock Android involvement with more Motorola and outsider applications introduced. There are more Moto-explicit capacities accessible, for example, one-catch route, where you can conceal the Android route bar and utilize the unique mark sensor to explore; Moto Voice, which gives you a chance to see the climate, date-book arrangements, or dispatch applications just by utilizing the "Show me" trigger expression; and Moto Key, which enables you to sign into secret word anchored sites on your PC or work area with the X4's finger impression sensor.

The customary Moto X4 likewise has Amazon's Alexa voice partner implicit, which gives you an extra alternative on the off chance that you don't utilize the Google Assistant that is now accessible.

One of the cooler highlights not accessible on the Android One model is the Tempow Bluetooth Audio Profile. It's an innovation that out of the blue gives you a chance to associate with up to four Bluetooth earphones or speakers to play music at the same time with no loss of sound quality. We gave it a shot a couple of months prior and preferred it a great deal, and it's certainly a component that makes the Moto X4 exceptional.

It's anything but difficult to use on the customary Moto X4, essentially open up the settings and search for Wireless Sound System, at that point tap on the Bluetooth speakers or earphones that you need to interface. The music is splendidly synchronized over all gadgets, empowering you to change a ragtag accumulation of old Bluetooth speakers into a Sonos-style sound framework.

Able camera

Like most new cell phones, the Moto X4 accompanies a double camera setup. Instead of essentially utilizing it for a Portrait Mode-like capacity, where the foundation of a subject is obscured for a cool DSLR impact, Motorola is additionally offering a wide-edge mode, similar to LG's V30 and G6, and a couple of other slick traps.

The essential shooter is pressed with 12-megapixels with a f/2.0 gap, and the second wide-point camera has 8-megapixels with a f/2.2 opening. The camera interface is easy to utilize, and there's even a master mode in the event that you need to calibrate the settings.

Moto X4 Android One audit camera tests customary doggo Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Moto X4 Android One audit camera tests normal lift Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Prior to discussing the camera's yield, our greatest dissension about the Moto X4's camera is an imperfection we've seen before in Motorola telephones. When you tap the shade symbol, the photograph should be caught instantly. On the X4, there's a noticeable defer when you press the shade symbol to when the caught movement happens. This shade slack some of the time causes some photographs to be a little hazy except if you stand unimaginably still, yet now and then it's simply the activity that is moderate. It tends to be particularly baffling when you're endeavoring to get a photo including development.

Notwithstanding this issue, the Moto X4 catches astounding photographs, as do huge numbers of the present best cell phone cameras. Hues are neither over-nor under-soaked, and there's shockingly incredible detail in the telephone's caught pictures. The issue? You require great lighting. It can complete a strong activity in normal lighting, however the Moto X4 sparkles with great, open air lighting. A significant number of the low-light photographs we took were foggy, dreadfully grainy, and were to a great extent unusable — however it's fairly all in or all out. There were a couple of our shots that turned out truly well, however by the day's end, the X4's camera just wasn't reliable, and that is an issue.

moto-x4-android-one-survey camera-tests low-light

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The Depth Enabled mode resembles Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8 Plus. It includes a haze impact behind a subject and it's quite great, however not on a par with the Google Pixel 2, which needn't bother with two cameras to work. The Moto X4 did now and again experience difficulty making sense of the edges of a subject and where it expected to obscure.

The wide-point mode is worthy, however it's not our favored method of photography with the Moto X4. It's generally on the grounds that there's a slight drop in picture quality, particularly in low-light. There's likewise a mode called Spot Color, which gives you a chance to pick a solitary shading to fly with everything else in monochrome. It worked moderately well amid our tests, and it's a great deal of amusing to play around with — excepting the infrequent blunders.

Moto X4 Android One survey camera tests wide edge building top

Moto X4 Android One audit camera tests spot shading blue dt

Moto X4 Android One audit camera tests profundity empowered lady

In case you're uncertain what milestone you're shooting, the Moto X4 can in some cases recognize it — tap the GPS logo that springs up when you point the camera at a milestone. We attempted it before the Empire State Building and it couldn't remember it, however it did precisely recognize New York City's Flatiron building. All things considered, this is certainly a gimmicky component few individuals will probably utilize.

Regardless of the selfie camera's strange 16-megapixel focal point, we didn't think it was anything to keep in touch with home about. Photographs looked normal in great and respectable lighting, and unremarkable in poor low-light. The blaze is helpful, in any case, in case you're in a very dull place.

In general, the Moto X4's camera is promising, however Motorola needs to settle the shade delay in the camera since it makes the experience unquestionably all the more disappointing. The December programming refresh recorded camera upgrades, yet unfortunately the screen defer remains.


We went from zero to 85 percent inside 40 minutes.

The Moto X4 will last you an entire day of utilization on a solitary charge. With overwhelming utilize beginning at 8 AM, we saw the battery drop to 23 percent by 11 PM. That is incredible, and you can positively anticipate that it will last longer than multi day with medium to light utilize. Our substantial utilize included playing music, watching recordings, perusing online life and the web, and taking photographs.

Motorola's TurboPower innovation charges the telephone to a great degree quick. We went from zero to 85 percent inside 40 minutes, however you have to utilize the included link and power connector to accomplish those paces.

Value, accessibility, and guarantee

The Moto X4 Android One was $400 at discharge on Project Fi, and it's the main place you can purchase this model, however, as of December there's a $75 rebate. You can generally drop Fi benefit later, and the telephone will at present be good with all the major U.S. bearers.

The normal Moto X4 was at first estimated at $400 too, yet is presently accessible for $350. You can snatch one from Best Buy, B&H, Fry's, Jet, Motorola's site, Newegg, Republic Wireless, and Ting. It's likewise on Amazon, and Prime Exclusive individuals can get the lower-estimated $280 demonstrate, however you'll need to endure lockscreen promotions and offers.

Moto X4 Android One audit blossoms

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Motorola offers a standard guarantee on its items, which implies the telephone is secured from assembling deserts for one year from the date of procurement.


The Moto X4 offers strong execution, a promising yet baffling camera, daylong battery life, and an uncluttered Android involvement in an appealing, water-safe body. For $350 or less, contingent upon where and when you get, it's a decent alternative over the greater part of the spending choices beneath it.

Is there a superior option?

Truly, in the event that you can save the additional money, we exceptionally prescribe investigating the $500 OnePlus 5T. It has the Snapdragon 835, which is a predominant processor, and an incredible bezel-less structure. It isn't water-safe, however.

There's additionally the $350 HTC U11 Life, which is our most loved spending telephone in its value extend. We think it prevails over the Moto X4 in execution and camera capacities, and it's even water safe.

Motorola's very own Moto G5S Plus is a strong option for $240. It looks exhausting and it feels shoddy, however you get comparable execution and only a somewhat more terrible camera encounter. On the off chance that cash is extremely tight, look at the $200 Honor 7X.

The Moto X4 is smack spot between two of our most loved spending telephones. In case you're taking a gander at the Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto X4 that costs $280, you should pick it over the $240 or $300 show Moto G5S Plus. Be that as it may, in the event that you have somewhat more to spend and are thinking about the $350-valued model, consider the OnePlus 5T.

To what extent will it last?

Considering the Moto X4 is all glass, we prescribe a case to shield it from drops. It's water safe, so it can deal with drops in the pool or sprinkles.

The Android One model promises fast version and security updates, and we expect it to least two to three years or longer. We can’t say the same for the regular model, and we expect it to get updates for one to two years.

Should you buy it?

Yes. It’s becoming harder to recommend at the original $400 price, but for $325 from Google or $280 from Amazon, it’s still a good buy. There aren’t a lot of smartphones at this price range that offer IP68 water-resistance. If you’re prone to accidents, this is a solid option that’s affordable. Regardless of what model you choose, you’re getting a stock or near stock Android experience with solid performance.

Still, we can’t recommend the OnePlus 5T enough. It will perform far better and doesn’t cost a huge amount more.

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