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The 2019 SVS Prime Wireless Speakers Review

How about we get this off the beaten path forthright: SVS' smooth new pair of remote speakers, the Prime Wireless, don't accompany a physical remote, and it's sort of odd.

That is particularly obvious given the cutting edge condition of speakers. Audiophile setups implied for calfskin seat listening sessions with tumbler close by are progressively clearing a path for soundbars and speakers that work with your TV remote or, at the opposite end of things, solid, multiroom savvy speakers. In any case, at that point, SVS has dependably been progressively keen on creating top-level sound at mid-level costs (and making extremely epic subwoofers) than staying aware of patterns.
SVS Prime Wireless speakers

Consider the Prime Wireless a concession of sorts, yet on SVS' claim terms. With different sources of info, installed physical controls, and Play-Fi's application based gushing and control framework, these lustrous secret elements can oblige TV sound, and even join a multiroom sound setup. Above all and chief, they're intended for out-dated melodic ecstasy — and in that job they exceed expectations.

svs prime remote speakers survey accomplishment

Riley Young/Digital Trends


Pulling the Prime Wireless from their froth stuffed boxes is strikingly comfortable for anybody acquainted with the customary Prime Speakers, which is among our most loved speaker frameworks at any point made with regards to sheer execution for your dollars. The Prime Wireless don't break any molds here — they're basically simply the Prime satellite speakers, hoisted from the base to prepare for electronic guts and locally available enhancement.

The piano-gleam cupboards are considerably hotter and increasingly lavish face to face.

On the off chance that you've never observed the Prime in the substance, nonetheless, here are two things to know: First, the Prime family's front-decreased cupboards offer simply enough energy to stand separated from the horde of anonymous secret elements, and second, the thick enamel of the piano-gleam cupboards is significantly hotter and progressively lavish face to face. The speakers are raised at the base, probably for their intensification and hardware, while the correct speaker flaunts a showcase board and double control handles.

The texture flame broils arrive appended and that is most likely generally advantageous — looking in the engine uncovers more science than craftsmanship, which is additionally why we wouldn't fret that the barbecues connect with pegs as opposed to magnets. Incorporated into the moderate, remote-less bundle are only two links (one for power and one to associate the speakers in stereo), sticky cushions, and guidance materials.


As referenced, there's solitary one power link here, as the Prime Wireless use a solitary association link to send sound and power the left speaker. In the wake of connecting the right-side ace and interfacing said link, the speakers ought to be prepared to match consequently.

SVS Prime Wireless speakers

SVS Prime Wireless speakers

Those acquainted with Play-Fi — and the numerous traps of its initial days — might fear matching is an errand, yet the Prime Wireless are shockingly natural there. Just download the Play-Fi application and adhere to the guidelines to interface with your Wi-Fi organize. Android clients need just enter their Wi-Fi secret word, however iOS clients should total several additional means. We associated with the speakers twice, including to our famously problematic office Wi-Fi, experiencing zero issues. Much obliged to you, Play-Fi first adopters.

The speakers go into Bluetooth blending naturally, requiring just that you turn the left control handle to the Bluetooth input, however Wi-Fi is by a long shot the favored spilling strategy for quality.

Highlights AND DESIGN

As referenced, the Prime Wireless are just excellent in their gleaming dark straightforwardness. As an adjustment of Prime's satellite speakers, they're littler than one may might suspect dependent on their photos, sitting only 10-inches tall, 6-inches wide, and 7-inches down. Every speaker weighs just shy of 9 pounds. We were marginally disillusioned that, in contrast to the inactive satellites, the Prime Wireless aren't yet accessible in the Lennon-white polish, however SVS as of late connected with reveal to us that the white Prime Wireless speakers are in reality in transit.

Under each barbecue rests the Prime arrangement's dazzling 1-inch aluminum arch tweeter, coordinated by a polypropylene 4.5-inch woofer with an aluminum shorting ring intended to make less mutilation and upgrade higher frequencies. Every driver gets an asserted 50 watts for a sum of 200 watts of Class D intensification. Similarly as imperatively, the hybrid among tweeter and driver is carefully controlled to adjust the frequencies for preeminent lucidity and exactness.

svs prime remote speakers 4

At the back of the correct speaker are inputs in abundance, incorporating simple ports in both 3.5mm and RCA, an advanced Optical information, Ethernet in and out association (Wi-Fi worked fine for us), and a yield for including a subwoofer, which is well worth thought for hip-jump fans. The speakers offer a guaranteed recurrence reaction of 52Hz-22kHz, however as one may expect, they don't actually exceed expectations at conveying low bass.

As referenced, a couple of advanced handles on the correct speaker's front face fill in as locally available controls; The correct handle controls volume and play/stop with a turn or press separately, while the left handle looks through the contributions, just as taking into consideration the formation of six presets to program your most loved spilling administration, web radio station, or even playlists through the Play-Fi application. We've never had much use for such presets, however hello, they're there in the event that you do.

Curiously, there's no power catch anyplace ready. A SVS rep disclosed to us this is by plan, so the speakers are constantly prepared to stream, and undoubtedly, it's fast and simple to go from quietness to spilling. We're additionally told the speakers consent to "all low power Energy Star prerequisites for results of their sort," however it feels somewhat odd not to turn them off.


As referenced, Play-Fi has clearly enhanced a lot since we keep going got hands-on with it. The magnificence of Play-Fi has dependably been its open-source nature, which permits multiroom spilling between speakers all things considered, sizes, and brands from Pioneer to MacIntosh (and everything in the middle). In the wake of utilizing the application for a week or thereabouts, the framework demonstrated straightforward and stable, with a tad of an expectation to absorb information to get things moving.
The Play-Fi gushing framework demonstrated straightforward and stable.

After setup, the Prime Wireless dependably appeared both in the Play-Fi application and in our Spotify application, making spilling straightforward and simple. Outside of connecting to numerous speakers, just as some essential Amazon Alexa control, there aren't a huge amount of alternatives to play with here, however Play-Fi allows a DLNA-bolstered NAS drive on your system to stream high-goals tracks. There are additionally various upheld spilling administrations, including Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, and numerous others, yet no Apple Music — if that is your jam, you'll have to stream by means of Bluetooth.

Alongside gushing volume and gathering to different speakers, Play-Fi additionally takes into account volume control of wired sources of info like your TV or turntable, however you'll need to search out the component in the additional items through the upper right "+" sign. Sadly, there's no real way to change inputs remotely, however we could transform from the Optical contribution to Wi-Fi gushing by basically choosing the speakers in Spotify.


What would we be able to state about the Prime Wireless sound with the exception of that it's astounding? We experienced passionate feelings for the first Prime arrangement from the very first moment, so it's nothing unexpected that souping up a couple from the family with exclusively tuned intensification and computerized hybrids would correspond perfectly with our ears.

Clear, smooth, and expressive sound springs forward from the speakers directly from the begin, offering a top notch listening knowledge at a generally moderate cost. The stereo picture is tight yet far reaching, offering profundity and measurement on both the even and vertical tomahawks, and there's a lot of dynamic articulation when gushing fantastic tracks too.

SVS Prime Wireless speakers

Riley Young/Digital Trends

The Prime Wireless totally sing in the upper midrange and treble, offering faultless clearness and detail, while the harmony between registers makes for smooth changing. Each brazen guitar cull, crunchy synth arpeggio, or papery finished catch brush is conveyed to the front line with beauty and definition, making for a beautiful tune in crosswise over kinds.

We even let the Prime Wireless twilight as our TV sound arrangement, and they completed a fine employment with both discourse and impacts. While we once in a while discovered it a task to concede to a cell phone to alter volume, it never turned into a hard and fast inconvenience, and Play-Fi defaults to your telephone's physical catches while it's running out of sight to make things less demanding.

Clear, smooth, eloquent, sound.

As satellite speakers by profession, we weren't amazed that the Prime Wireless will in general incline toward the brilliant side of the sound mark, and when we signaled up bass-overwhelming tracks like The Weeknd's Starboy, we were left somewhat level, wanting for that warm lower punch to the section that never entirely arrived. That is as opposed to bigger controlled bookshelf sets, similar to KEF's inconceivable LS50 Wireless, which positively enhance with a subwoofer, yet convey even bass-loaded tracks without anyone else.

In the event that you wind up searching out the sub and lower bass-substantial tracks more frequently than eloquent acoustic tracks or great shake, you'll certainly need to include a subwoofer into the condition. Fortunately, SVS has a lot of choices there that won't just match your speakers' physical stylish, however they'll likewise probably coordinate sonically for a still-reasonable 2.1 framework without the requirement for isolated enhancement.

Guarantee data

SVS remains behind its items solidly, offering both a 45-day hazard free preliminary and a two-year guarantee.


While SVS' Prime Wireless may not be the perfect setup for TV or part sound, from every other angle they meet or surpass desires, offering clear, itemized, and dynamic sound nearby dependable spilling from a wide assortment of choices.

Is there a superior option?

You'll need to climb in value a reasonable piece to exceed the Prime Wireless with regards to execution. The previously mentioned LS50 Wireless helpfully exceed them with regards to instrumental surface, definition, and dynamic articulation in the better minutes, and they likewise offer much better bass reaction. They're additionally about multiple times the expense. We'll be intrigued to see where KEF's LSX remote fit in (survey coming soon) — despite everything they run about twofold the Prime Wireless at $1,100.


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Those hoping to spare a couple of bucks could take a gander at Bluetooth speakers like Aperion's maturing however great Allaire, which offer progressively bass yet less choices and less lucidity and detail. While there are a lot of noteworthy aloof speakers around the $500 territory, for example, ELAC's Uni-Fi UB5 and KEF's Q150, there simply aren't numerous alternatives in the $600 value run that can give you this sort of execution in an across the board bundle.

To what extent will it last?

The Prime Wireless have very strong form quality from a sterling name in the business. With Play-Fi, the speakers ought to develop in time with new application refreshes and included highlights, so we anticipate that them should keep going a drawn-out period of time.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

In case you're searching for a couple of remote speakers with a little profile, ravishing plan, and music-first disposition, don't waver.

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