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Car Review: Volkswagen 2019 Model Grand California

Love the possibility of life out and about with VW's California campervan, however can't survive without the consolation of knowing where the following socialized washroom stop is going to originated from? Volkswagen now has the arrangement – however you're going to require a greater space to stop it in.

This is the Grand California. Like the normal model, of which somewhere in the range of 160,000 have now been sold, the new expansion to the family is industrial facility worked by VW. In any case, rather than being founded on the fair size Transporter van, the Grand California is an off-shoot of the (a lot) bigger Crafter.
Volkswagen Grand California (2019) review: happy camper
Essential material science will disclose to you this implies there's more space inside, so notwithstanding the recognizable kitchen, eating and dozing regions the built up California exceeds expectations at, the Grand California likewise has space for a shower and a latrine.

Could this make it the ideal home far from home? We've been living in it to discover…

Precisely how huge is the VW Grand California?

It comes in two sizes, and even the littler 600 rendition we've been driving is barely short of six meters in length (the accessible twin bicycle rack takes it well over that edge); the bigger 680 model is over 6.8m and has a wheelbase longer than a Ford Focus.

It appears to be peculiar at first, however the 'littler' one has the taller 'camper' rooftop – which implies more headroom to stand up inside; however both ought to be alright for six-footers, in case you're in any way similar to us you will probably still blast your head in the spots where the interior tallness changes.

VW Grand California back quarter

Maybe more unusual still, the 600 can be prepared to rest four, while the 680 is only for two, and they appreciate a bigger bed territory in the back.

Both are 2m wide – or simply over 2.4m in the event that you incorporate the twin-focal point entryway mirrors.

Is it a pig to drive, at that point?

An incredible inverse. On the off chance that you aren't accustomed to driving enormous vans be set up to clasp a couple of kerbs with your trailing inside wheel at first. However, when you have the fundamental swing space down, the Grand California is shockingly unintimidating.

You're most likely not searching for a van history exercise here, however it's maybe at any rate worth bringing up that this most recent Crafter, which was presented in 2017, is totally Volkswagen's very own work, and didn't really part of a joint endeavor with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It's additionally practically the best enormous van available at the present time – in any event from a driving point of view.

Accordingly, thinking about its size, the Grand California is amazingly simple to deal with. The electrically helped power-directing is easy without being vacuous, it goes where you point it with dexterous precision, and albeit clearly something this tall is going to come in the corners, the development is effortless and controlled as opposed to reeling and flighty.

All the more critically, the Grand California is completely agreeable, even over broken surfaces. Uplifting news for the porcelain.

VW Grand California burrow

You do get a touch of low-speed torque steer on the off chance that you get the quickening agent a bit acutely when there's some lock on – the Grand California is front-wheel drive as standard, 4Motion at additional expense – however for something that weighs more than three tons it drives actually quite well.

Standard dynamic wellbeing helps for UK purchasers incorporate self-governing crisis braking and cross-wind help, which did its best with Gran Canaria's beach front breezes however didn't totally dispense with the side powers. Tick all the containers and the Grand California will even control itself for brief periods – perfect for opening annoying nibble parcels we totally can't affirm.

What's under the hat?

The motor is a 175bhp 2.0-liter TDI with 302lb ft, matched to an eight-speed programmed as standard on the Grand Cali. The gearbox is magnificent – smooth and effective – which implies it quickly makes up for the minutes when the motor is gotten short of breath on the mountain streets through focal Gran Canaria.

This isn't what you'd call a moderate vehicle in routine conditions, be that as it may, effectively passing other traffic at whatever point the open door presents itself. All things considered, it's not really stacked to gunnels with outdoors supplies on this event – and there are many, numerous cabinets for outdoors supplies – so four-up for seven days away you may locate a progressively considered methodology is required.

VW Grand California back following

In any case, refinement is radiant, with little wind or street commotion notwithstanding while cruising at 75mph. Despite the fact that, it has a similar refinement issue as the standard California, in that the individuals who are effectively chafed might be made frantic by things rattling around in the extra rooms in the back.

However, this is an update that you're basically driving a studio level on wheels, and will probably give most others a warm fluffy inclination. The excessively delicate should put resources into bunches of felt, or turn the sound system up.

So what's the Grand California like as a manufactured home?

In case you're at all acquainted with the Transporter-based California you'll realize that Volkswagen has turned into an ace of incorporated living, with smart highlights, for example, tables covered up inside entryways, seats inside back ends, etc.

The Grand California is this way, just on a scarily practical scale.

Present day life implies a lot of intensity, so there are up to six USB attachments for keeping tablets and telephones squeezed up – four of which are situated close to the resting zones – and up to four legitimate 230v attachments too. A portion of these power sources are available all things considered, by means of a fold on the back of the kitchen counter.

VW Grand California inside

The kitchen counter in the 600 reaches out at the two finishes to make extra space when required, and the ice chest has a cooler compartment, however the container/rack territory beneath this bends over as a methods for keeping bottles upstanding moving; tragically this doesn't stop them falling over when you open it. The night mode is welcome, however, making the refrigerator calmer when you're endeavoring to rest.

Airplane style overhead storage spaces encompass the back dozing zone, and there's more stockpiling underneath the bed also. On the off chance that needs be, the bed overlays up the dividers, making enough space for a bike.

Every one of the windows have blinds and mosquito nets, incorporating the ones in the rooftop. There's dimmable lighting all over the place, attractive blinds for the front windows, and in the event that you have the window over the fumes for the water heating appliance open, the heated water tank won't turn on.
Warming – and cooking – is fuelled by a couple of gas bottles in the back compartment, with a move up to utilize diesel additionally accessible. Essentially, you can choice a rooftop mounted cooling unit controlled by the power feed from a campground. It gets hot inside the Grand California in case you're stopped up in the sun, so genuine campers might need to think about this.

VW Grand California contact board

A touchscreen board mounted next to the restroom entryway controls all the outdoors mode highlights, for example, regardless of whether the programmed venture that slides out at whatever point you open the side entryway should work when you're stopped up, and the temperature of the warming – and the water.

Which conveys us rather conveniently to the washroom.

What's the washroom like?

Has that question at any point been asked before on a CAR audit? Anyway, it's bundling virtuoso.

The space is not exactly a meter on each side, yet VW's still figured out how to pack a shower, a sink, a can and capacity in there – the sink collapsing up when not being used, and the fixture serving as the showerhead.

The immeasurably significant latrine fold conceals into a pantry to keep it dry (which generally works), while the lighting is worked by movement identifier. Warming the 110-liter water tank takes 10-15 minutes.

You must be mindful so as not to splash an excessive amount of water at the entryway, or you end up damping down the kitchen floor, however we discovered showering in it shockingly large.

Washroom not sufficiently enormous? In case you're a free wheeler this is no issue, as the Grand California additionally comes furnished with an open air shower – which just attachments into a fitting at the back. There's even a temperature control for this.

What's more, how is it to rest in?

In the 600 you rest sideways to the primary length of the van in the back. Fitting one next to the other ought to be no issue for a great many people, yet in case you're six-foot or increasingly, even with scalloped outside boards, the width of the vehicle is going to make it cramped. In the 680 you rest lengthways and the bed is greater.

In either form you'll be gazing toward the base of organizers; these aren't excessively close, yet you will see them. There are two or three cunning stockpiling niches at the back, one of which accompanies twin USB attachments for power.

No issues with solace. A 80mm bedding is joined with a specialized looking sprung metal base, and even with the sleeping pad being in three segments you can get a fine night's rest. Yet, in the event that it's been a hot day there's no methods for cooling this camper beside opening the windows (which appears to have little effect) or optioning the additional forced air system, and trusting there will be some place to connect this. Or then again simply purchase a fan and utilize one of the power attachments.

The discretionary second bed in the 600 is over the taxi, and is planned generally for youngsters – however it has an extendable region one side that is 1.9m long. A help naturally flies out of the divider when you convey this, while a unique youngster getting net stops anybody up there falling on their head amid the night.

Anything VW hasn't got right?

There are a couple of things that raise the eyebrows.

The lounge area table should be stowed away when you're driving, and obviously the main way VW could think to do this was to tie it to the back bed; probably the vast majority will simply abandon it up, and the hellfire with it.

VW Grand California shade

The winders for the spring up bay windows are – normally enough – mounted in the rooftop, and capacity like an old-school manual sunroof. In any case, since the Grand California 600 is so tall inside, shorter individuals (and I'm thinking about my better half here) basically won't most likely achieve the one over the living territory without remaining on the seats.

What's more, similar to the ordinary California, the sliding entryway into the back compartment will be on the wrong side for the UK. However, in case you're stressed over children getting in from the asphalt they can generally enter through the front traveler entryway and stroll through to the back – there's no divider and the Grand California has a totally level floor.

Apparently there are heaps of alternatives accessible?

Goodness, yes – everything from two-tone outside paint (note the natty white over metallic beige in the pics) to a satellite dish, Wi-Fi and sun based boards is accessible, in case you're set up to pay for it.

An uncommon Bluetooth sound framework permits travelers in the back to tune in to something else to those in advance, as well, with the two arrangements of speakers joining when you need to stun every other person at the campground.

What amount does the Grand California cost?

UK evaluating hasn't been set yet, however we've been advised to prepare ourselves at a beginning cost around £69,000 when it at last opens for requesting here – which is relied upon to be in October 2019.

Most likely with choices it'll be conceivable to convey one of these exceedingly near six figures.

VW Grand California: decision

Sounds like a dumb measure of money for a van with a bed, isn't that right? Be that as it may, it's really not far-removed what outsider converters are as of now charging for a Crafter-based campervan (the thing is as of now a major hit with individuals searching for a redesign over a RV dependent on the maturing Fiat Ducato), and minor shortcomings aside, the Grand California is a completely persuading item.

The standard of fit and completion is incredible, the usefulness is great, the plan crisp and present day, it's truly great to drive, and the astute reasoning truly inspires.

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