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Checkout 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53

Significant changes are in progress at Mercedes-AMG. The execution division of Mercedes-Benz fashioned its notoriety utilizing enormous motors to make huge power, in the best muscle-vehicle convention. From the amazing AMG Mallet to the cutting edge E63, tire-smoking, enormous relocation motors stuffed into common Mercedes vehicles have been the calling card of AMG.

Presently AMG is putting forth a greener, progressively receptive option in contrast to its customary flame breathers. The powertrain found in 53-badged autos consolidates a 3.0-liter, turbocharged inline-six motor with electric help. Models with this setup are intended to opening underneath the current AMG 63 models in cost and execution, yet Mercedes claims they are as yet deserving of the AMG name.
2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Coupe
Advanced Patterns went to California's Napa Valley to see whether that is valid. We picked an E53 car, however Mercedes offers the equivalent powertrain in the convertible and car variations of the E-Class, just as in the CLS and the AMG GT. Base cost for the AMG E53 car is $74,695, yet a large group of discretionary additional items, including a driver-help bundle, head-up showcase, and execution fumes framework, brought the cost of our test vehicle to $93,805. All costs incorporate a compulsory $995 goal charge.

SHOW TO MATCH THE GO (Inside AND Outside Structure)

On the off chance that you need a fair size Mercedes-Benz, you have a lot of decisions. Mercedes offers the E-Class in two-entryway roadster, convertible, vehicle, and wagon variations (the wagon doesn't get the 53 powertrain). Be that as it may, we think the E-Class car is the most attractive of all.

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Stephen Edelstein

Conventional two-entryway extravagance cars are getting to be uncommon, yet the E-Class roadster demonstrates why they should stick around. The fundamental outside plan, which acquires vigorously from the bigger S-Class and littler C-Class cars, is basic and proportional, an advantage of the vehicle's two-entryway design and back wheel drive stage. With the E53, the E-Class car body style at long last gets a lively powertrain to coordinate its smooth styling.

With the E53, the E-Class roadster at long last gets a lively powertrain to coordinate its smooth styling.

The E53 additionally gets an AMG-explicit grille, front and back guards, and back spoiler. Hood swells – a styling highlight that goes back to the great Mercedes 300SL Gullwing – complete the look.

Like every one of the two-entryway roadsters, style comes to the detriment of common sense. The four-situate E53 car's 37.8/36.4 creeps of front/back headroom, 41.8/34.1 crawls of front/back legroom, and 56.1/50.1 creeps of front/back shoulder room are not too bad for a vehicle of this sort. Front-situate space is liberal, and the back seats even appear as though they would be decent for a sensible separation. In any case, the E53 car will never be mistaken for a family vehicle; the E53 best fills that job. The car's 10.0 cubic feet of trunk space is sufficient for an end of the week of gear, however that is about it.

The inside has a lot of character. From the expand Burmester speaker grilles and carbon fiber trim, to the red safety belts and purple disposition lighting, we had an inclination that we were in an extremely energetic club. A portion of those subtleties may not suit everybody's preferences, except they made the lodge unmistakable just as lavish. The Nappa calfskin front seats were likewise entirely agreeable, in spite of plentiful supporting to keep driver and front traveler set up amid forceful cornering.

SCREENS In abundance (TECH Highlights)

The AMG E53 gets an adaptation of the COMAND infotainment framework utilized in numerous other current Mercedes models. Our test vehicle's 12.3-inch primary showcase screen and 12.3-inch advanced instrument group consolidate to frame one long screen. It's not the most rich arrangement, however it creates a ton of land for designs. The framework is perfect with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and has a controller that is part touchpad, part click wheel.

The touchpad/click wheel controller still accompanies a lofty expectation to learn and adapt.

Likewise with different Mercedes vehicles that utilization this framework, we were awed by the nature of the illustrations, particularly the virtual measures. Yet, the touchpad/click wheel controller still accompanies a lofty expectation to absorb information. In any event Mercedes offers different choices for crucial capacities, including little touchpads on the directing haggle for sound volume and driving mode. MBUX hasn't streamed down to the E-Class Car yet.

2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Roadster

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Our test vehicle had the discretionary driver help bundle, which incorporates Distronic (versatile journey control), dynamic controlling help, dynamic path change help, equivocal directing help, and various other driver helps. On the off chance that those highlights can't anticipate an accident, the E53 likewise comes standard with Mercedes' Pre-Safe prescient inhabitant security framework and Pre-Safe Sound, which naturally pipes commotion through the sound framework to get ready human ears for the boisterous clamors of an accident. Mercedes said it can help avert hearing harm, however fortunately we didn't need to test that guarantee.


The AMG E53 is characterized by its powertrain. It's the primary element that makes this vehicle not quite the same as a standard E-Class roadster. In that sense, the E53 resembles each other AMG model. AMG's first E-Class dragster merited its epithet of Sledge due to an amazing V8 motor, and the current AMG E63 S (which isn't accessible as a car) packs 603 drive. In any case, the E53's powertrain is an altogether different sort of hardware.

Mercedes' objective was to accomplish superior with high gas mileage, and it appears to have succeeded.

The powertrain comprises of a 3.0-liter, turbocharged inline-six motor rushed to a nine-speed programmed transmission, cooperated with Mercedes' EQ Lift mellow cross breed framework. The gas motor produces 429 hp and 384 pound-feet of torque. An electric engine sandwiched between the motor and transmission can include 21 hp and 184 lb-ft in short blasts.

The E53 is a gas vehicle with electric help, not a full half and half like a Toyota Prius. The electric engine can't drive the vehicle alone, however it allows the motor stop-begin framework to work all the more forcefully, and even enables the vehicle to float with the motor off under specific conditions. A 48-volt electrical framework likewise kills the requirement for belt-driven frill. Mercedes' objective was to accomplish superior with high gas mileage, and it appears to have succeeded: the E53 is appraised by the EPA at a good 23 mpg joined (21 mpg city, 28 mpg expressway). That is entirely bit superior to the less ground-breaking E450 4Matic roadster, and much superior to the bigger removal V8s the mellow mixture powertrain means to displace.

Shouldn't something be said about execution, at that point? Mercedes said the E53 will complete zero to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds. That is 0.1 second snappier than an Audi S5 car. Top speed is electronically constrained to 130 mph. That is not great for an act vehicle, yet most proprietors will never approached that speed in reality. All-wheel drive is standard, however the framework is back one-sided to give the vehicle a livelier vibe. It can send up to 100 percent of capacity to the back wheels, and never sends in excess of 50 percent of capacity to the front wheels.

2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Roadster

Stephen Edelstein/Computerized Patterns

Out and about, the E53 car doesn't feel like a conventional AMG vehicle. That is both something to be thankful for, and a terrible thing.

When we got the opportunity to drive the vehicle, conditions were a long way from perfect. Mercedes released us on some dazzling Napa streets, yet those streets were rendered less fun by loads of downpour and mist. We felt substantially more open to hustling the E53 along in those conditions than we ever would in a conventional AMG vehicle. While some other AMG models offer all-wheel drive, their additional power would have gone to squander on the smooth streets. The E53 had quite recently the perfect measure of intensity, in addition to certainty moving brakes and well-tuned suspension, making it a genuine all-climate execution vehicle.

Congeniality and more prominent eco-friendliness come to the detriment of identity.

That congeniality sets the E53 car (and the other 53 models) aside from the remainder of the AMG lineup. Those different autos inhale fire, which means they will some of the time consume you. That is not the situation with the E53. Beside suspension that felt a bit excessively firm even in Solace mode, the E53 is additionally an appropriate extravagance vehicle at increasingly loosened up rates. The lodge is peaceful, and you get the majority of the accommodation highlights and tech toys one anticipates from Mercedes. That is the uplifting news.

The terrible news is that receptiveness and more noteworthy eco-friendliness come to the detriment of identity. The E53 is a fast vehicle, yet nothing about the driving background is especially critical. In the same way as other ebb and flow execution vehicles, a layer of hardware keeps the driver from making a solid association with the machine, regardless of whether those gadgets make it simpler to go quick. In the E53, that is intensified by the mellow half breed powertrain's absence of magnetism. It's in all respects clearly a trade off made for the sake of eco-friendliness, and Mercedes' determined situating of the 53 models between its standard models and the all out AMG vehicles.


The Mercedes-AMG E53 roadster doesn't generally have an immediate adversary. Mercedes is the main extravagance automaker as yet selling a two-entryway fair size car in the US. The BMW 4 Arrangement and Audi S5 aren't that a lot littler, yet they are situated as lower-level models rivaling the Mercedes-Benz C-Class car.

The Audi S7 and destined to-be-stopped BMW 6 Arrangement Gran Roadster are nearer to the E53 in cost and esteem, yet as purported four-entryway cars, they are essentially vehicles with showier bodywork.

The E53 car will probably need to battle hardest against different Mercedes models. The 53 gentle cross breed powertrain is likewise accessible in the related E-Class convertible and vehicle, just as the CLS and AMG GT four-entryway roadsters. At any rate purchasers who have officially dedicated to Mercedes will have a lot of decisions.

Significant serenity

Mercedes-Benz offers a four year, 50,000-mile packed in guarantee on new vehicles. Other ongoing E-Class variations were given a beneath normal unwavering quality rating by Buyer Reports, which doesn't look good for the E53. Crash-test evaluations from the Protection Organization for Interstate Wellbeing (IIHS) and National Expressway Traffic Security Organization (NHTSA) are not accessible as of now.

HOW DT WOULD Design THIS Vehicle

Our optimal Mercedes-AMG E53 roadster would have the driver help bundle ($2,250), which incorporates the majority of the significant driver helps, our test vehicle's multi-form front seats ($950) head-up showcase ($990), situate radiators ($450) and the outside lighting bundle, which includes Drove outside lighting and programmed high shafts for $800. We would likewise check boxes for the 20-inch wheels ($750) and the execution exhaust framework ($1,250).

Stylishly, we would keep our test vehicle's dark Nappa cowhide upholstery with red sewing ($2,990), carbon fiber inside trim ($2,850), and red safety belts (a no-cost alternative), yet would swap the polar white paint for an alternate shading, potentially cardinal red.


The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 car is an incredible all-rounder, joining extravagance, tech, and great execution. It does not have the crude force we anticipate from an AMG vehicle, yet that implies purchasers will likewise think that its simpler to live with.

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